Wrapping Up

So classes are winding down at school and its amazing how fast the second semester seems to go compared to the first. I feel like I just started most of these classes but here they are all ending.

Today I’m handing in a term paper for my philosophy of biology classes. The topic I chose was evolutionary origin theory, basically how life began. I presented the case that theories like that are not science, as per the definitions philosophers of science like Karl Popper and Michael Ruse present. I’m pretty proud of the paper and if anyone wants to read it let me know.

Also having checked my stats on this blog I see that two people subscribe to the RSS feed. I’d be curious to know who they are….

I don’t Feel Like Dancing

Off the top of my head, I think I have at least 6 different blogs. All of which get updated somewhat regularly. So everyone who was wondering where I had disapeared to over at blogspot, I was just hiding in some other corner of the internet.

I’m working on so much stuff right now its crazy. A paper for the philosophy of biology on what is science and is evolutionary explanations for the origins of life a scientific theory. In advanced environmental plant physiology I’m writing on Henry David Thoreau and his book Walden. Debating whether or not he was the first environmentalist and what he would think about the Kyoto accord. Finally I’ve got a logic assignment due next Thursday. So what am I doing? Wasting time on the internet

Oh and exams start in like a week and a half

Titus and Margaret

Titus and Margaret

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I love the internet. It lets me do things like this:

This whole post took me all of 1 mintute to do, beat that all you old schoolers.

With my Mac’s built in isight I took a picture of Margaret and I leaving the library. Using a plug-in for photobooth I uploaded the picture to flickr. I logged onto to flick, clicked the new photo and wrote a blog post. Flickr took care of the uploading onto WordPress.

Amazing eh?

Just for the sake of writing

I don’t have much to say, but I just want to get something down on the screen. (Oh, new media terms, why don’t you have the same romantic feel as old-school ones)

Tonight is the geek dinner at Molly Bloom’s. So I guess if you’re reading this and its still April 4th, and you have an interest in blogs, podcasting etc then stop on by this evening. We’re meeting at 7:30.

In the school vein, I’ve got two major papers I still need to write. One of them is started, the other I still haven’t finished the book. I’m hoping I can use some of the same material for both of them. Thankfully profs don’t swap essays around.