Wednesday’s Lunch

So it’s turned into a bit of a trend that I post a camera phone picture of what I had for lunch. Today was a bit unusual since I had to run to the bank unplanned. I lost my bank card and wanted to get another one. Everything worked out fine and I now have a shinny new card. So lunch was eaten in the car on the way there.

Wednesday Lunch

Asian cabbage salad from last nights dinner. I also had a peanut butter and honey sandwich and a banana. I was too focussed on driving to take a picture of those though.

As an aside, the Masonville Public Library also has wireless internet. I wonder if this is a plan to roll it out in all the branches?

Tuesday’s Lunch

Continuing my trend from yesterday, here is my lunch today. I just looked at the clock and I see that its quite a bit past noon. Ah well, I usually eat when I’m hungry. I’m not a slave to time.

Tuesday's Lunch

Tortellini with a basic white sauce. Simply and enjoyable.