How To Save The Newspaper Industry

I don’t think that the newpaper will ever disappear.

I do think that think  most of them will/should become weekly papers. Get ride of the pretense about delivering “news”. A weekly newspaper would become a source of insight and commentary on world news and local events.  The paper would have more thoughtfull articles and detailed investigative journalism. Nevermind the financial benefits.

If you think about it, most sections of a daily paper are day-specific, and would still feel fresh 4 days later .

I started thinking about this when I realised my podcast habits. I don’t rush out and download the latest BOL or TWiT as soon as its realised. That is because they are providing commentary on technology news that is still relevant one or two days later.

Not that I’m a pessimist, but I give the London Free Press 5 years before its just a bigger version of the Londoner.

Facebook Ignorance

Facebook LogoI came across this article on today; Facebook’s Death Spiral Has Begun. Reading this article made me wonder if the “reporter” has even used Facebook before. My two cents of the matter are the allowing Facebook user’s to delete their accounts will actually increase the number of signups. People might want to know that there is a way out once they’ve created an account.

Lance Ulanoff’s ignorance is displayed even more when he writes:

“I’ve had a couple of “pokes” on my page for ages. Someone poked me, I poked them back, and that should be the end of it. But the initial poke remains on my page, so I’m never sure if this is a new poke or a remnant.It’s also hard to delete things like mail, so old messages stick around as if they’re fresh. Everything seems more active than it really is.”

There is no plot on the part of Facebook for the site to look more active then it is. Its only as active as all your friends are. Or does Lance think that he’s getting lots of email everyday just because he never empties his inbox?

I don’t want to seem like an elitist, but I miss the early days of Facebook. When it was just a few college kids and we didn’t go around complaining about things. Except when Facebook would go down and we couldn’t access it….

Yahoo to Reject Microsofts Buyout Bid

I don’t usually blog on the weekend. I like to have a few days off appreciate the internet without having to think of a blog worthy opinion on the news. But this recent article is bringing me out of that.

Yahoo board set to rebuff Microsoft bid: report

The most interesting of their reasons? “Yahoo Inc’s board believes Microsoft Corp’s unsolicited bid of $44.6 billion to acquire Yahoo “massively undervalues” the company” Yahoo is unlikely to take any offer under $40 per share. That would place their perceived value at over $143 billion dollars.

I think what Yahoo wants is to set the price so high so as to scare any prospective buyers away. The huge outcry on the internet when Microsoft made their offer proved that people don’t want this deal to happen. Yahoo wants to keep potential customers happy, obviously. If they do they can continue to make money without Microsoft’s help.

Interestingly, Yahoo doesn’t rule out a partnership with Google. “Yahoo has considered an alternate tie-up with Web search leader Google Inc to maintain its independence

Apple: At Least a Year Ahead of the Competition

[digg=]Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports over in Fortune’s Apple Blog that Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray believes Apple is ahead of their competition in many design areas. His observations come as he walked the floor of CES, this week in Las Vegas.

He writes; “While Apple was not at the show, the company’s impact is felt at CES.” He points to three main areas: hardware design, touchscreen devices and ecosystem connectivity.

Munster sums up with: “We expect Apple’s Macworld announcements (1/15) to set the bar for CES ‘09 — in other words, we see Apple as effectively one year ahead of its competition.”

Apple already turned heads this week when they announced, ahead of Macworld, and during CES, the release of new Mac Pros, featuring 8 core processors.

Flickr to Authenticate OpenID – CES Announcement?

Rumors abound that Yahoo! will make a major announcement about OpenID today at CES. It looks like at the very least you’ll be able to use your Flickr user page URL to log in anywhere that supports OpenID login. The code is live, view source of any user page and search for OpenID and you’ll find it.

The service, however, is not usable yet….

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Apparent iPod Touch Keyboard Flaw

Is the iPod touch not as awesome as everyone thought it was going to be?

Its come to my attention that there is a conflict between the iPod touch’s keyboard and podcasts. When playing a podcast and then logging onto the internet bringing the keyboard up causes the iPod to immediately pause the playing podcast.

Obviously not a benefit, it just remains to be seen how soon it’ll be fixed.

Thanks to Bill Deys for pointing this out at the London Geek Dinner

A bit of an update

Again, sorry for the long hiatus between posts. For some reason though, WordPress has really slowed down and that made it impossible to update using my dialup internet connection. Good news though, ‘highspeed” is coming tomorrow.

Work has also kept me busy, I just don’t have the energy to spend hours online after work. Posting suffers as a result.

That brings me to a request. What, dear readers, do you consider to be the most important web sites you visit in one day. For technology, blogs, and regular news? I’m looking for some advice to I can get my fix without wasting lots of time.

Virginia Tech Shooting

There is so much you could write about this latest school shooting. Gun control no doubt will receive renewed interested as a result. But I want to focus on another issue.

Dr. Charles W. Steger, the president of Virginia Tech, defended the school’s decision not to evacuate the  campus after the earlier shooting at the dorm. One reason, among many, he gave was that thousands of people were already on campus by this point and it would have been difficult to inform them all and get the school shut down.

My reaction to that? You’re crazy! Notifying the student body would have been as simple as announcing the school was closed via email and any PA system, as well as sending administration staff out to inform  students personally. Classes could also have been canceled by sending emails.

As soon as a few of the students knew what was going on and why it was closed word would have spread like wildfire. We’re talking about late-teens early twenties students. the most plugged in generation of all time. Instantly word would have gone out through text-messages, instant messages, facebook and even phone calls. Informing a few would have informed everyone.

The bomb threats from the previous week and the shootings at the dorm should have set off warning bells. Even if the events were not linked, precaution would have been warranted. Evacuating the school may not have completely prevented the tragedy, but it would have reduced its scope. Its a shame the right decision was not made.

This recent news story grabbed my attention on Dig…

This recent news story grabbed my attention on Digg:

Husband Shoots Wife’s Lover: She’s Charged, He’s Not

Wow, seems shocking! Once you read the story you find out that apparently the man returned home to find his wife in a robe and underwear and a man sitting in a truck outside her house. The wife claimed she was raped and so the husband shot at the man, killing him. One small problem, she wasn’t raped and the man her husband shot was her lover.

The man was exonerated because he was lawfully allowed to protect his wife. On the other hand the wife was indicted and faces 20 years in prison for lying about the rape.

Next time this woman will probably have a better excuse to being caught cheating then claiming she was raped.