Social Media Tryouts

If you claim to be a marketer / PR person / social media firm, who claims to help companies gain social media exposure, shouldn’t I know you exist?

I’m very involved in the social media scene in London, as many of my posts have expressed. Both in the public side with personal interactions, and the business side and various consulting projects.  So I speak with some authority when I posed the above question.

Granted most people using Facebook probably won’t know about a social media firm, or that such beasts exist. But I do, and I should know about you. Especially if you are in London, and claim any level of expertise.

I realise that sounds like I’m tooting my own horn. However  if you want to play the game, you’ve got to know the players on your own team. At this point though  some of the people trying out might as well be invisible to those already on the court.

A Simple Post

Last night myself and a number of other Londoners traveled up to the Kitchener- Waterloo Social Media meetup. It was great to interact with another “scene”. I had a number of great conversations and made some good contacts.

More generally, plans are ramping up for the wedding which is less then a month away. If you ask me everything seems to be coming together nicely without too much stress, but I’m sure there are people who would disagree.

I’ve run into a bit of an annoyance with the house lately. The drains from the kitchen have slowed to a crawl, with water collecting in the laundry tub. I tried to clean it out with a simple hand snake, but without success. I’m going to have to rent a power drain auger to see if that solves the problem.

There have been a few cosmetic changes to the house, and once I find my microSD adapter I’ll post some pics from my phone.

Some Announcments

This post has been a long time coming, but I have been putting it of for a while now.

As I have eluded in the past, both on here and Twitter, about the “exciting things” taking place in London.

lola_rog_logoI am thrilled  to annouce, finally and  publicly here, that I have become involved with the London Ontario Live Arts festival – better known as LOLA. I’m very excited because I have participated as a concert goer in the LOLA festival in previous years and had a great time. Despite the stereotype that London does not have an arts community, LOLA has flourished, and shown both this city and the whole country a different part of Southwestern Ontario.

There is going to be lots of oppurtunity to explore different parts of social media and online promotion as a result of this. I’m interested to see how things develop, before, during, and after the concert. There are ongoing concert series during the year and I will be promoting those as well.

penguin-white2The next bit of news that I would like to share is my involvement with Penguin Canada. As part of their promotions, the book publisher has started to branch out online. I have been selected to help promote various books and authors as part of my blog and online presence.This is a great oppurtunity for me, and my readers. I am an avid reader and I love sharing my opinion.

In all of this though I promise to continue to have a transparent website. I’ll make it clear when I am promoting / working on behalf of someone else. I’m going to share my opnion honestly. If I like something I’ll recommend it. If not then I won’t lie. I think these relationships are going to benefit everyone in the end.

London Tweetup – April 22nd

Tomorrow, Tuesday April 22nd, will be the first tweetup in London. This will be a chance to meet in real life people you may follow through Twitter in London or area.  The tweetup will start around 7:30.

The event will be held at Coffee Culture on Richmond St (map) in the back area of the coffee house.

Map to Coffee Culture

I’d encourage anyone in the area to come out and help build the social media community in London.  Follow me, or blogldn on Twitter for more information.

London Indie Media Fair

This Saturday is the 3rd annual London Indie Media Fair from 1 to 5 pm. The event is taking place at the Central library in downtown London at 251 Dundas Street.

There is both an exhibit hall in Stevenson and Hunt and a presentation room in the Lerner’s and Tonda Rooms.

Myself, Bill Deys, and Greg Fowler will be heading down to promote blogging and podcasting, as well as our monthly geek dinners. I’d encourage anyone in the London area to come down and say hello. Hopefully there will be some other bloggers there and we can help the online community in London grow.

For more information on the event:

London Commons

London Public Library Free Wifi

I’m sitting in the London Public Library right now and I’ve discovered that they have free wireless internet access. Its not bad access either, and from their website, they claim that it covers the entire building.

Wireless Speed

The only disadvantage is that its “filtered” But since I’m not the kind of person that wants to look at questionable material in a library that does not bother me. I’m sure personal privacy people don’t approve.

Camera Phone Photo Walk

This afternoon, after lunch at Coffee Culture, I decided to take a bit of a walk through downtown London. It was such a beautiful day I couldn’t pass it up. I’d also forgotten my swimming gear so I had to get some form of exercise today. As I walked along some of the side streets off Richmond Street, I noticed many interesting building. The lighting at the time was very nice and I thought it would be a good chance for an experiment: a camera phone photo walk.

I have the most rudimentary cell phone, a Samsung p207, that takes horrible pictures and even worse phone calls. I thought it would be an interesting challenge though. Some of the pictures  are after the break.

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