Macworld 2008 Keynote Thoughts

Steve Jobs has wrapped up his keynote for this years Macworld. Here are my thoughts on the announcements that he made. This are really just prelimiary though, on the go as the keynote progressed.

The Time Capsule looks really cool. Since I need a new router anyways, and I’m always saying I need to back up more often, it might be a good idea to get one. The cost does seem high at first though.

The new iPhone software: I’m sure people that with iPhones will be happy. Doesn’t really do that much for me right now. Glad to see that they finally will be releasing an SDK though. Applying the same upgrades to the touch is cool, but charging people for them is not.

iTunes Movie rentals: Not a big surprise everyone was expecting that. I wonder when availability outside of the U.S will come? I like the price point though.

Apple TV: Doesn’t need a computer anymore. This is great news that will boost the number of units sold. A new user interface as well, always appreciated. All in all the Apple TV looks great. I kinda want one now, but it makes no practical sense for me.

Macbook Air: The worlds thinnest laptop…. amazing.. fits in a manilla envelope! No optical drive, that might be annoying. The remote disc option is really only any good if you have several laptops. Personally I need an optical drive, I still rip a lot of CDs and DVDs. I’m not ready to do all my shopping via Apple. Sealed case means no user-swapping batteries. I know the internet is not going to like that.

I love Merlin’s comments on this weeks Macbreak weekly. Nobody knows anything about what is going to be released ahead of time, its just a bunch of speculation. However everyone does it so they don’t lose their job. Well the speculation is over and I personally like what I’ve seen! In a few days I’ll discuss in more depth my complete reaction.

Apparent iPod Touch Keyboard Flaw

Is the iPod touch not as awesome as everyone thought it was going to be?

Its come to my attention that there is a conflict between the iPod touch’s keyboard and podcasts. When playing a podcast and then logging onto the internet bringing the keyboard up causes the iPod to immediately pause the playing podcast.

Obviously not a benefit, it just remains to be seen how soon it’ll be fixed.

Thanks to Bill Deys for pointing this out at the London Geek Dinner

An Old Feature I Just Discovered

This post is so behind the times it should be written on papyrus, but hey, the info was new to me.

I recently became aware of iTunesU. Its built into the iTunes music store and is a collection of courses from major North American universities. Since I love the thought of learning something for free, without all the course obligations (assignments and tests) I thought this was a great service. So I downloaded a bunch of classes I thought were interesting.

And low and behold when downloaded, iTunes puts them into their own folder. Now to me this was amazing. I didn’t realize you could even create a folder of playlists. I did some searching around and found out this feature was released back in V.5 of iTunes. Ah well better late then never.

Unfortunately the folders do not sync to the iPod. All the playlists in a folder appear as just one playlist with the folders name.

In case, like me, you didn’t know about this: its under File – New Folder or Ctrl+Shift+N