An Oddly Shaped Map

I was checking out my statistics using Google Analytics and I came across this map of the United States. Apart from my abysmal readership south of the border, what else do you think is wrong with it?


For some odd reason the Great Lakes region states (Michigan. Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio) are completely out of perspective. I’m not sure if this is so the map of Canada and the map of the United States will fit together without a gap for the Great Lakes. Or if the engineers working on Google Maps don’t talk to the engineers working on Google Analytics. Either way, it kinda threw me off when I first saw it.

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Finding an End To The Aging Problem

Scott Wainer over at recently wrote a post about extending our life expectancy.

Modern medicine has solved so many of our illnesses and diseases, it seems that the last one to conquer is “early” death.

How exactly would this be accomplished? I’m not talking about anti-oxidants and oitments that just make you look younger. But actually improvements that would make you live much longer. Say to 200 or so.

I support this idea, but only because I don’t think it can be done. But as a science student myself, I know there is going to be a demand for jobs over the next few years with kids graduating with medical science degrees, and I see this as a way to put them to work

As well, why would you really want to live to 200? Unless the whole process is slowed down and the last 100 years aren’t spent in an old age home.

Really Outdated Apple iPod Site

So I was doing some research for an article of iTunes and Audible when I stumbled upon this really old iPod site, on the Apple webpage:

I don’t exactly know what the lae directory is, or what country its for. Update: lae is Latin America, apparently they get to read outdated information down there. Reading the specs on the products, this site is from around September 2003. The iPods are generation 3’s, which was the first iPod I had.

Oddly enough, its only the iPods that have this old information up. Looking at the OS X link is all about Leopard. I wonder what mistake was made?

Update: hehe its been fixed. I wonder if I have a cached copy?

24: The 1994 Unaired Pilot

I found this very amusing 24 parody, set in 1994….


I’m sorry I’ve just been posted links to videos, I promise more unique and relevant discussions will follow…

Internet People

A great summary of web celebs.


A Funny T-Shirt


Originally uploaded by titusferguson

I was going through some of my pictures today and I came across this one. I bought this shirt a few years ago just because it was so unique and I a slap in the face to all the Che wearing students around the University.

In fact on the 40 anniversary of his death, I wore it around school. At least a few people found it amusing.

A Refreshing Look Back

I know I need to post something, and I apologize to anyone that has already seen this.

I was thinking today about some of the posts I wrote years ago, (Yeah, I can’t believe it, I’ve been blogging for over three and a half years!) and I remembered this one, one of my all time favorites.

Without further ado, I present you: “Pogs”

I’ve always considered myself to be somewhat in the know in regards to cultural phenomenon. Throughout grade school I was always “in-tune” with what was “going-down” during recesses. High school was a bit more difficult but I think I can honestly say I was the fellow who led the pack. It has been the same throughout post-secondary as well; where do you think the Ugg boot fad came from?

As a result of my prestige in such matters, I feel it is my solemn duty to correct a wrong, to aid generation “find themselves,” to help an older generation re-discover their “inner child.”

In case you don’t yet know what I’m talking about, it’s POGs. Those small circular cardboard discs that defined, oh so many, generations of children. Anyone over sixteen can bring to mind many a story revolving around POGs.

When I flip through my photo albums and come across pictures from around grade 5, a little part of me dies inside because I see not only my jubilant smile on every page, but I recognize the angelic joy that characterized my childhood as a result of the time I spent with POGs.

It’s for no small reason that POG stands for “Pieces of Greatness”. And we’ve let these “toys of the gods” fall by the wayside. How can we stand idly by and let such a thing happen? Have we, as a generation, no morality, no sense of right or wrong?

My heart beats rapidly as I ponder the fate of the POG. Will the name “Pog” evoke memories of merriment, wonder, and mirth, or will it simply be remembered as a craze that vanished even more quickly than that of Sea Monkeys or Pet Rocks? I’m afraid that if this current apathy continues, our children’s lives will be in jeopardy. The foundational core of relationships is shared experience, and with no memory or knowledge of POGs how can we expect to connect to our children in any meaningful way?

Poggers Unite! For too long have we let this fun and entertaining sport languish, its memory fade, and slowly be replaced by imported games from Asia.

This Cultural Revolution is not without its naysayers. I was reminded of this just the other day when the following story was related to me. In some circles it has been considered “cool” to collect trading cards of popular TV shows, I know, forgive them for their foolishness. Occasionally POGs would be included in packages of these “trading cards” rather than praising their good fortune, these folks would be angered by this blessing. Obviously such fools will stop at nothing to halt the re-distribution of POGs into the mainstream.

We must continue the battle until we see the POG regain its rightful place on the shelves. Like the Rubiks Cube, we need to open our hearts to POGs and bring them back–how can we refuse after all that they’ve done for us?

Billy: “Boy, do I miss POGs.”

Peggy: “So do I, Billy.”

B: “Don’t you wish they made such classy pieces of cardboard today, Peggy?”

P: “I sure do, Billy.”

Around the world, similar conversations reverberate.

POGs: For the Children.”

This recent news story grabbed my attention on Dig…

This recent news story grabbed my attention on Digg:

Husband Shoots Wife’s Lover: She’s Charged, He’s Not

Wow, seems shocking! Once you read the story you find out that apparently the man returned home to find his wife in a robe and underwear and a man sitting in a truck outside her house. The wife claimed she was raped and so the husband shot at the man, killing him. One small problem, she wasn’t raped and the man her husband shot was her lover.

The man was exonerated because he was lawfully allowed to protect his wife. On the other hand the wife was indicted and faces 20 years in prison for lying about the rape.

Next time this woman will probably have a better excuse to being caught cheating then claiming she was raped.