An Oddly Shaped Map

I was checking out my statistics using Google Analytics and I came across this map of the United States. Apart from my abysmal readership south of the border, what else do you think is wrong with it?


For some odd reason the Great Lakes region states (Michigan. Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio) are completely out of perspective. I’m not sure if this is so the map of Canada and the map of the United States will fit together without a gap for the Great Lakes. Or if the engineers working on Google Maps don’t talk to the engineers working on Google Analytics. Either way, it kinda threw me off when I first saw it.

This the age of search engine optimization. People in hosting business should actually start web design services as well as SEO services. Even advertising agencies are thinking of taking up additional services. Everyone now should have his own web hosting guide in this regard.

The Continuing Saga of Syncing Word Docs and Google Docs

Ok, this is starting to get really interesting. Originally I wrote a wish about syncing word and Google docs.

Then in this post I discovered a bit of a solution regarding uploading in bulk to Google.

I just discovered a post on TechChruch that completely solves the whole problem. An application called DocSyncer that will automatically upload all your hard drive based documents to Google. They claim its a small application that runs in the background. While I am never a fan of more things running in the background this is pretty cool.

Right now its just in beta and currently only available to windows users, but we’re on the right track!

Sync Word and Google Docs

Does anyone know of a way to sync Microsoft word files stored on my computer and Google Docs?

I’m thinking it would be really really handy to be able to access all my documents from any computer.

The storage space on Google should be more then enough for .doc files too.

Edit: Check out here for the solution I’ve found!


Facebook events need a calendar like Google has. Or I need a way of importing all my events into Google. Something.

And a SMS message reminding me of upcoming events would be good to.