Third and Fourth Estates


Yesterday I wrote up my overview of PodCamp London. In the process I mentioned people in this city that I feel are producing intriguing and prolific content. One of those people was a blogger at the London Free Press.

I sat back and thought about that today. What I did was intriguing on a couple of levels, and I wasn’t even aware of it at the time.

Most bloggers still think that there is a dichotomy between “Old” media and “New” media.  Its a David and Goliath story. Us versus Them. Towards that end amateurs writing on the web don’t want to acknowledge traditional and professional writers.

I didn’t even think for a second that Dan Brown writes for a living, and for a “dying business model”.  I think thats because the LF Press is doing such an amazing job; connecting with readers and producing online content.So much so that the wall between the people (Third Estate) and the London press (Fourth Estate) has all but crumbled in my mind.

Bloggers and online media need to understand our pedigree.  Trained journalists and most often the ones who have laid the groundwork that allow us the freedoms to write how and what we do.

PodCamp Overview

Its taken me a bit of time to get this out, in fact I think some people have already written multiple posts on the topic. I don’t generate any where near as much content as some, local, bloggers. I don’t post as commonly as this man, and I’m not even going to compare myself to this guy.  But what follows are my own thoughts on this weekend.

I’m continually impressed by the content turned out by the London community. From insightful commentary to our own local memes, this group is incredibly prolific.

I’m glad that PodCamp London was a chance for lots of these people to get together, to meet in person, and to create some amazing content. If it was your first time out to a Social Media event like this in the City of London, I would encourage you to attend the Montly Meetup.

Continue to foster relationships with the people you met. Take the connections you made one step further. Don’t complain that London has no community, or nothing for you. I just presented a list of people who disagree with that sentiment;  emulate them and do something amazing!

Frequency of Posts

Nothing of much interest has grabbed my attention over the last few days so I haven’t really published anything on here. Which I’m sure may have gone undetected by many of my readers, since the majority of my traffic seems directed towards archived posts.

But this slight hiatus got me thinking about what and why I write, about my readers and the resulting daily statistics. I know that its good blogging to write daily, but is it worth turning out some half-assed post just to check “blog post” off the daily to do list?

I’d  much rather write something relevant with insightful commentary every other day then one mediocre post every day. What do my readers think? Not just on this blog, but would you rather wait to read something longer that makes you think, or just hear a few words from your favorite blogger regardless of quality? I a quick link or video on occaision enough to ensure a return visit?

Don’t worry, I have a couple of longer posts that I’m working on. Ones that actually require research…

New Theme

If you browse over to my site, and not read this post through a rss reader or on Facebook, you’ll see that I’ve switched wordpress themes. I was just getting tired of the one I was using so I felt it was time for a change.

Problem is, I’m not so sure I really like it that much.

What do my readers think though? An improvement? A step back? No real difference?

A New Adventure in Hi-Fi

Last night I attended the January Geek Dinner. (Held on the first Wednesday of every month at Molly Bloom’s in London ON). While there, Bill Deys told me about IODA Promonet, a service similar to PodSafe Music.

IODA Promonet allows you to browse through artists, songs, and record labels. All the music is safe to post on blogs, or to play on podcasts.  From their site:

Promonet is a unique promotional music distribution network that provides its users with a new way to legally download, publish, and share music. Promonet is run by IODA, the leading digital distributor of independent digital music. More than 3000 of the best and most influential independent record labels distribute their music through IODA, and they have given IODA permission to make thousands of their tracks available to Promonet users.

This has got me thinking, I’ve always tossed around the idea of doing a small, independent music based podcasts. Just a few songs that I’m currently digging, and probably little to no dialogue. Now that I have an account with Promonet I might just do it.

So keep an eye out the next few days/weeks, I might have something up!

Happy New Year!

One of my new years resolutions for 2008 is to be more consistent in my blogging. I’m not hoping for a daily post quite yet, but at least 4 or 5 times a week. I do not just want fluff pieces either, this is what I’m doing now, blah blah blah, but rather more in depth discussions of issues I (and I hope my readers) find interesting, as well as relevant news stories and announcements.

I hope 2008 is all that everyone hopes it can become, and that all the goals you set out to accomplish will be achieved.


Well, its been a long time since I last put anything up on here. And I really have no good reason why I haven’t. Perhaps nothing has interested me enough lately to deserve a blog post.

I do know though that there will be something more substantial here sometime next week. I’m all done my classes, exams and papers on Tuesday. I’m hoping to start blogging effectively after that.

Until then

Two in One Day

Everyone knows how I love Facebook. But I also love combining everything I use the inter-web for in one place. With the introduction of Facebook Apps this has become even easier. (I’m going to write about facebook apps in a much more detail later)

Once I switched over to wordpress and I was automatically given an RSS feed I started to use it all over the place. One particular instace was to import all my posts on WordPress into Facebook as notes. It was done automatically every time I wrote something new.

While WordPress has developed their own app that allows me to seemlessly combine both these sites. Now I can write a post in Facebook and it will show up on WordPress and vice-versa.

You can read more about this here

Observations on Stats

I’ve noticed a few things about the numbers of readers my blog gets:

If I write a post and tag it with technology, theres a spike.

If I don’t post until the evening, there’s a drop.

If I don’t post for a few days, no one seems to care.

Meh, I might post something more interesting later on today

Blog Blabbing

I don’t have anything particular to say but I just wanted to get something down on the screen so I can get back into the swing of things.

Currently working on a new blog, once its up and running to the extent I want it I’ll post an announcement. I’m really excited about it, I think its going to be fun to write and very current.

’til then