Apple to Release a 3G iPhone

iPhoneWell the announcement that everyone wanted at Macworld is finally coming. Sources have confirmed, as much as a source can, that tomorrows Apple announcement will be a new iPhone.

In November of last year, AT&T CEO made comments that next year (2008) there will be a 3G phone available. More recently, a requirement appeared on the AT&T site that you have either a GSM or 3G iPhone to continue with activation.

This announcement is seen as appeasement for people who were expecting an SDK, which has been delayed even further. According to many, Apple also needs to release a 3G phone in order to hit their 10 million unit goals.

Apple Announcement: What Happened To It?

ShuffleSo last week and early this week the internet was abuzz with rumours that apple was going to make an announcement at a special event being held on February 20th. Well its February 21st now and it doesn’t look like there was any big announcement.

I mean other then the price drop of the iPod shuffle and the introduction of a 2 GB model.

I wonder if this was all Apple was ever planning on doing yesterday? Apple’s stock has been up the last few days so the analysts are happy with this announcement. I was hoping for something a little bigger myself.

I must admit though, at only $49 for a 1 GB shuffle it is definitely an impulse buy. If I wasn’t so short on cash right now I would probably pick one up myself.