Moving On

For over the past year and a half I have worked closely with the Big Viking Games cofounders to build a strong gaming studio. My focus at Big Viking was on operational and business processes; and specifically creating a culture that is unique, rewarding and scalable. Working both internally and externally I helped build Big Viking into the solid company that exists today.

With the completion of a recent project, I had accomplished what I had joined Big Viking Games to do. The processes and structures are in place to serve the Big Viking team well into the future and I believe that a solid base has been built. As a result, I have completed my employment at Big Viking Games.

The friendships I’ve made at Big Viking Games will, I’m sure, continue well into my future, and each of the people I worked with at Big Viking will continue to provide inspiration to me as I tackle my next career challenge.

Moving Forward

My passion, skills and strengths are varied, but lately have focused on company building and shaping the early stages of organizational growth. I enjoy thinking strategically and laying a strong foundation for others to build upon. Defining roles, scaling products, implementing processes and providing training have all been exciting skills that I have picked up over the past few years. I think unconventionally, and I’m always looking for an opportunity to find a clever new solution to an old problem.

I’m very excited to continuing playing a role in the London startup and entrepreneurial community and will remain focused on community building and providing support I any way I can.

What am I looking to do now? This city has many opportunities and great businesses and ideas floating around. If you think that I might be of help to your organization or if you are interested in getting in touch with me to discuss opportunities or interesting projects, you can find my contact info here:

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