UnLondon Lumarca

With the world’s attention focused on London from March 11th to 17th, a number of UnLondon members thought it a fitting time to display the kind of projects that this organization prides itself on executing.

After much brainstorming, planning and late nights, Fred Cahill, Devon Elliot and Titus Ferguson have installed UnLondon’s first piece of public art in Downtown London: a 200 string Lumarca.

The Lumarca is a volumetric display, or a 3-dimensional representation of an object. There are 200 vertical strings, hung from another 200 horizontal strings and supported by a strong metal frame (electrical conduit). The project is positioned so that its projection fits perfectly on the shape of the strings. A true “hack”, this project only requires a computer, projector and common hardware store supplies.

Each string can be lit up individually, and the colour, length and pattern can be changed on a string-by-string basis. By alternating which strings are “on” and their attributes, an impressive pattern can be displayed.

The UnLondon Lumarca uses the programming environment processing to create the images that are projected. As an open-source technology, there is plenty of potential for iteration and improvement.

Pictures and video are only able to capture so much. If you are able to head downtown to see it in person over the next couple of days, you absolutely should. However, the Lumarca will likely make another appearance at UnLondon related events in the months and years ahead.

Learn more about the lumarca project and its origins