Canada: Politically and Digitally

Walking up in Stratford on May 3rd and I’ve got a lot of Canada on my mind.

The results from the general election are all in, and we have both a similar and radically different government. The next four years will be an interesting time in Canada and I’m both nervous and excited to see what will happen now. Its been a long time since we last had a majority government and I hope no one get to excited too quickly.

Also on my mind, and the reason I’m in Stratford today, is the Canada 3.0 conference. This is my second year attending and I”m hoping for a radically different impression then I had last year. Already I know that London Ontario is going to make a difference and a scene here and that will help the overall conference feel. Check out for London content live from the event and our live video broadcast.

Canada is at a cross roads now, both politically and digitally. I’m hoping that I can play a role in the latter and shape the future of Canada’s digital space. I’m raring to go and show what can be done through dedication and commitment and how the digital future will be driven by grassroots efforts.