My FitBit Story

Over a year ago I came across a nifty looking device that was currently available for pre-order; the FitBit. In a nutshell; the device tracks your steps (like a pedometer), number of calories burned, miles walked, and an overall “active score”. It uses an accelerometer to sense motion in all directions and get an accurate picture of your day. Additionally when worn at night it tracks how well you sleep and the number of times you awaken over the night. On top of this; it syncs all this information to your profile online whenever you walk within 15 feet of the base station.

I was finally able to get one of these sweet little devices myself a little over a month ago and since then I’ve been addicted to thee data it provides! You can see my overall progress online and track my attempts to be more active in my day-to-day life (which is hard when you sit behind a computer all day).

Sadly, today when I walked out to my car, the FitBit became unclipped from my pocket and disappeared! I didn’t notice until much later that it was gone; and as you can imagine I was heartbroken. My mind started to race about where it could be, and who may have run it over or (gasp) stolen it!  Then I started to think about I’d return to my inactive ways now that I didn’t have a little piece of technology encouraging me daily. Pictures of my stuffing my face with donuts flashed through my mind!

When I got back to my office, I brought up the FitBit website and started to search to see if they offered replacements for situations just like mine.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find any infromation, but I did track down an email address. I dropped their support line a note, asking if they sold replacement units.

Within the hour I received an email back from the FitBit Team.  They expressed honest disappointment in the loss of the FitBit and then did an incredible thing; asked for my mailing address so they could send me a free replacement.

Now, I realize that in the age of social media we’ve come to expect this sort of thing. We hear (and I preach) that “Word of mouth is the best advertising”. And you know what; its true. Simply offering to providing me with a replacement when I was willing to pay is the best customer service I could ever receive. And as a result of this action; I’m going out of my way to tell everyone not only what a great device this is; but also that a great company built it.

However; after getting this email I started thinking about where I was today, and how it could have fallen out of my pocket. So I walked to the parking garage and scouted around the cars. To my surprise there was the FitBit! Lying on the ground, completely unharmed! I snatched it up, secured it deep it my pocket and tracked my steps back to my desk.

So, even though, I didn’t necessarily get anything out of FitBit ; I feel that they deserve huge congratulations for their company behaviour.  A real person replied to an email; with real emotion; it a very fast time frame. They offered to look after me and weren’t looking for some kickback or promotion.  Kudos to Rachel and the team at FitBit!