Museum Telethon

I don’t often talk about the actual on the ground implementation of some of the projects that I’m involved with. Its not because they aren’t really neat, but rather because I’m not one to brag about my accomplishments.  However I have talked before about the need to move from idea into action, so I thought I should share something that I have been involved with recently.

One of my volunteer commitments is with the Marketing and Development committee at Museum|London.  On Monday night some of the volunteers got together to call Museum donors, partners and patrons for their support over the past year. To accomplish this, we built a complete virtual call centre; powered by the internet and completely mobile.

Skype came in very handy to make the phone calls. Their inexpensive unlimited Canada wide calling and the ability to set the Caller ID made this an almost professional setup.

Because we were only calling to thank sponsors and not to raise additional funds; it was easy for anyone to sit down, grab a script and dial some numbers.

I’m excited about where this idea could go next. It was simple to assemble, setup and use and could be easily redistributed to any organization or group that wants to make a lot of phone calls quickly and easily. If you have an idea please get in touch with me.

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