Eight Principles of Fun

I’m going to apply these 8 principles to all new projects and then use them to continually evaluate through the process.

Moving from Idea to Action

Last night I was able to see my friend Scott on his London stop for his UnMarketing book tour.  As always,  Scott did an amazing job connecting with the audience and explaining why marketing isn’t a department its part of every interaction your employees have.

However, I was left with a couple of thoughts after the evening.

Many people focus on the concept of ideas and get very excited hearing new ones and feeling like they are part of a club that “gets it”.  Unfortunately too many people don’t think that they should implement those ideas and put them into action

So to everyone who was there last night, or people who participated on Twitter, here is my call out to you:

What are you going to do, today, tomorrow and in the coming months to put into action one of the many things you heard Scott say? It shouldn’t be too hard, his talk was full of “actionable items”.

Pick something and make that change in your personal and corporate life. Once we all start implementing ideas rather then just taking about them then we’ll be really “Un” Marketing.

Open Thoughts

Is Sunday evening and I’m sitting here with a nice glass of Famous Grouse (I’m running out in case any of my loyal readers wants to know what to get me for Christmas), and my thoughts turned to this blog and the lack of attention its received lately.

Its not that I’m sitting at home twiddling my thumbs and so their is a lack of unique content to write about.

Unfortunately I think its the exact opposite. I’m being willingly pulled in multiple directions and the obligations and desires leave me with little time to sit down and write.

But the desire is always there and the moment that there is some time available I turn to this page. I’ve got a number of ideas and projects that I’d like to expand on further, and share my thoughts about.

What would you like to see me discuss?