Old East Village

On two separate occasions this week I found myself in the Old East Village in London.

And I realised two things;

1. I need to come here more often, there a collection of what might potentially be some interesting shops

2. The area is really a microcosm of London as a whole, spread too thin with abandoned and forgotten sections.

I know many people are working hard to improve the area, and I hope their efforts are rewarded. Since I discovered a store stocking authentic Montreal bagels, I know that I’ll be back in the neighbourhood before too long.

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  • Jason Clarke

    There are some great initiatives going on in Old East! I am hopeful for the future development of this area as London's artistic community hub!

  • kvanlierop

    The London Photo Walk is heading back to the Old East Village next month for our 1 year anniversary.

    I think it is fitting that the Photo Walk started in a place that has such a great history and arts focus.

    I love the East Village but I must admit that I need to get out to it more often myself.

  • http://www.chrismcinnis.ca/ Chris McInnis

    Montreal bagels!?!? Where?

  • titusferguson

    Chris, I found the bagels at Village Curiosities (http://www.lfpress.com/news/london/2010/01/09/1…) Corner of Dundas and Elizabeth

    Kevin, it will be interested to compare your earlier photos to the ones you'll soon take. I'm sure lots has changed in the past year.

  • Jenn

    I think you'll start to see a shift in London and in other cities where big box stores and more brand names will begin to move back into the core. While small local businesses are key, I believe a god mix will occur where Montreal Bagels are available at Village Curiosities next to lululemon or wal-mart even :)