Why I Live Here

I turned on the TV today and, quite by accident, turned the channel to TVO’s Agenda Camp from London Ontario. When I first heard about the event I was quite upset that I was going to miss it due to a vacation, so I’m glad I was able to catch some of the “debate” from London.  I did want to share a bit of my thoughts though.

What do I love about London and why did I choose to stay here?

Unlike other students at UWO, I grew up in the area (northwest of the city), and so I didn’t have “somewhere” else to return to when I finished my degree. Thats really reason number one.

Every since I became in involved in PodCamp London I realized the tremendous potential that their exists within this city. A few people have the ability to effect massive change and to make the whole city better. PodCamp was really just the beginning. The more I interacted with people and started to work together, I began to truly realize the potential this city had.

So, I love London and decided to make it my permanent home because of what it could be, not what it is now. I’m not going to sit back and wait for someone else do decide what it should be; I’m going to be an active participant in the process.

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  • http://www.rtraction.com David Billson

    Cool :) Glad to have you in town :)

  • http://brianfrank.ca Brian Frank

    With so many “London” bloggers coming from Coldstream/PH we should buy the Marsh Store and set up an HQ there (or at least have a mini-unconference or something).

    Btw, there's Streetview for Quaker Lane?!