Time to Get Off the ‘Couch’

I’ve always found it a struggle to actually leave my house and go to the gym. However, once I get there I have a great time. As soon as I start running on the treadmill or lifting weights, I’m so glad to be there. And once I leave, while I’m exhausted, I feel great.

There are so many similarities in our own lives.

We sit on the metaphorical couch, knowing we should just get up and do that thing we’ve always wanted to do. But something pins us down. But just like my trip to the gym, once we actually make the move, we’re so glad that we did.

Whats holding you back?

GTD Solution for the Mac

Like most GTD fans I’m constantly struggling to find the perfect suite of applications for my Mac. I have the principles in place, but I’m missing the tools that would allow me to get the most done in a day.

So I’m asking my readers. Have you stumbled upon a method that works for you? What do you recommend?

I’m aware of a bunch of the pricey tools, Things for example, but I’d like to find a cheaper/free option. I also realize that a true GTD setup is going to be unique to each other, but I’m still interested in hearing everyone’s tips and suggestions.