Conversation or Broadcast?

A number of  companies in London Ontario have started talking about social media and subsequently offering their services in the field.

While I’m glad to see a broader understanding of what social media is and how it’s useful for business and marketing, I’m also disappointed by some of the thoughts and attitudes coming from these companies.

First and foremost; social media is about creating a relationship with your customers. Bottom line. You can use it to sell them something, or find out what they think about your product, but that’s all a result of having a dialogue with them and earning their trust.

Instead of  focusing on the message, or the tools, or the audience; focus on engagement, reputation building and an ongoing rapport. When you do that you’ll have a successful social media agency.

Social Media Training – Free Guidance Courses

In my first few weeks at rtraction I have already given several presentations on social media at various events.

On Tuesday November 10th I will be providing a free introduction to social media for businesses. This will be a elementary session that will attempt to answer the what, the why and the how. No prior experience is expected, but all knowledge levels are invited to attend.

The course is going to be offered from 9 to 10:30 AM in the boardroom at the base of the Talbot Towers (148 Fullarton St London)

For more information and to attend please register here

Write or Die!

Today I’m going to review the web app “write or die“, in which I tell the computer how many words I want to write and how aggressive I want it to be. Apparently words are erased If I don’t meet these goals. For interests sake I’m going to write this review using this app, so what you read will be my thoughts as I use it.

Overall seems like it would or could be an interesting tool. However the thought that I’m competing, not against my own mind, but a computer clock, adds an even greater sense of urgency.

The design is nice; simple and clean, free of all distractions. No reason at all that I shouldn’t be able to finish this post with lots of time to spare.

But here I am, feeling nervous already, like I’m not going to make it and at any point all my words, my hard earned text, is just going to disappear into the ether, because I didn’t meet an arbitrary goal or a certain number of words within a specific time. In fact I can’t remember what goals I set. I have no idea if I’m ahead or behind. If the next words I type will last only a second before being erased before my very eyes. I seem to type faster, as if its not my mind that limits how much i can produce, but the speed at which my fingers move.

But here I am! I’ve made it to the end and retained my sanity, or at least kept it at the same level it was before. And despite making me feel incredibly anxious, I think that this application has great potential. I might even use it again.

As long as it promises to turn a blind eye every so often.

Employment Announcement

I’m pleased to announce that starting today I have joined the team at rtraction as a Social Media Strategist!

This is a great opportunity for both myself, rtraction, and businesses in Southwestern Ontario. There is now a full fledged social media agency that can take care of all your new media needs. My job description is still being finalized, but I will be primarily helping clients to understand and apply themselves to social media platforms.  We also have some training courses planned for later in the year.

As many of you know, this is a space that I have been heavily engaged in for many years. I don’t want to blow my own horn too much (I’ll leave that for the guys at rtraction), but my involvement in Podcamp London, LOLA and the upcoming SMarts Conference, illustrates how much I “get it”.

If you have been wondering how your company or brand should take advantage of this new space, but have been holding back, be sure to drop me a line