Security Concepts: Job Interview

Update July 2010: Well I gave them the benefit of the doubt, but this company has repeatedly failed to improve their standing in the community, or reign in their employees. I strongly urge any prospective employee to reconsidering pursuing this company as an option.

Update November 2009: Since I wrote this post I have had a chance to visit the new Security Concept offices on Wellington St. While what follows is an accurate representation of what I experienced in July 2009, I can honestly say that the company has changed many of their practices since then. I would urge you not to judge the company on my experiences alone.

It’s taken me a bit of time to get to the story of my job interview on Monday, but I promised.

Like I mentioned, I totally forgot about applying for this job, which should have been warning sign number one. The interview was scheduled for 2:30 at 149 King St, the corner of King and Richmond in downtown London. The company was Security Concepts, and they claimed to be an authorized ADT dealer. When I called to confirm the interview I was told I was interviewing for a sales position, warning sign number 2.

So at 2:20 I parked at Covent Garden Market and started looking for the office. It took me a while because it was hidden in a rundown building, between two nicer looking office towers. There were temporary signs throughout the building directing me to the Security Concepts office, warning sign number 3.

I walked through the door into a room 10 ft by 10 ft with about 15 people in it, there was a women sitting behind a crappy looking desk who directed me to another room when she heard I was there for an interview. Warning sign 4.

There were 17 other people in that room, all there for an interview, that was going to take place as a group.

There was a man in a Security Concepts polo shirt giving a powerpoint, no, reading a powerpoint presentation about the company.

We had to go around the room and introduce ourselves and tell our work experience. You could tell that any hopes, dreams or ambitions that anyone in that room had ever had were long gone.

Polo shirt man filled us in on the details of Security Concepts. Did you know that they give you the security system?!?! All you pay is the $99.99 activation fee and then your $34.99 a month afterwards!! And for each system you as a rep sell, you earn $200! Most of their salesmen sell at least one a day, working 5 days a week, thats $1000 a week, or $52,000 a year.

“That’s more money then some of you have ever made”

Warning signs 5,6,7,8……

Then we had to pull out our resumes and on the back give a number, 1 being you don’t want to work with them and 10 being you really did. Then write a paragraph about why they should hire you.

Polo shirt man left the room and would return to do one on one interviews. Before he did that he asked for a show of hands for how many people could start today. He acknowledged one particularily anxious man with a nod and a “thank-you”

I took this as my cue to leave.


Since I wrote this post I received comments from people on their way to interviews who have thanked me for sparing them the trouble. This was because I ranked quite high on Google searches for Security Concepts and job interviews.

I sent an email to the company informing them of this, and offering my services. They decided to take it upon themselves to comment on my blog. I applaud this move, but they failed miserably.

Security Concepts still has no credibility as an employer. They’ve hid behind anonymous comments, and have engaged in a “he-said, she-said” battle. Never mind the fact that their SEO and SEM is horrendous (or non existent)

Update: Well I thought that the comments to this post were bad enough….Apparently some employees have decided to attack me personally (click to enlarge).

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  • Mathew Foubert

    I thank you all for posting this and being able to find it fast as i had an interview myself today and now i will not be atending there are alot of companies in london that have the worse proctices of managment i have ever seen in canada .Being out right disrespect for there employee’s and out right not paying there employee’s as well .two that come to mind off the top of my head that i would never recommend and worn others not to look for work from there and have been reported to the bbb,and still have not changed there business proctices,are steam canada ,Nichol Commercial Kitchen Cleaning ,unless you like being verbally abusive daly and not payed for working ,and how can the bbb get away with not doing anything about these business as they have been around a long time takeing advantage of there employee’s ,and the businesses servive as from not paying there empoyee’s like steam canada

  • LondonATDPuresenseCalling

    Ya, its all true… lots of 100% commission “jobs” popping up everywhere… Puts a lot of pressure on the aspiring salesperson to known and research the product, market and methods of prospecting, presenting and closing people. Its a rough tough business, in that it is completely unsuitable for most people. While a few do amazingly well. And the price they pay seems to be HIGH TURNOVER and the constant need for “fresh meat” for the grinder.

  • Myweddingday_0524

    * The ad states $18.00 per hr.
    * Your 4 days of training is are NOT paid
    * You need to do 8 water tests from family and friends or people you know and sell at least three water systems in a weekend prices at $ 6,966.00
    * you must get at least 4 referals from each presentation
    * When people see the price, they don’t want to refer their friends / family
    * You will get Pure Sense or rather, Pure NON Sense calling you telling you go and sell
    * You need to sell three water systems each frist weekend $ 6,966.00 = $20,898.00
    * If you only do 6 of your 8 persentation You did not do your JOB
    * You must use your car and gas to go do their sale
    * You need to sell to the Retired, Homeowners, and Gainfully Employed
    * Before you start your water presentation, you need to call the office, one hr later, you need to call her from your customer’s phone line. And this is your new job

    This business is 215 Adelaide south. and they don’t have a websise

  • Zubair Ahmed

    Commission only jobs are 99% scams.


  • LM

    Too funny, I am supposed to be there in an hour and I also just googled this blog. Thanks for saving my time and dignity as a prospective employee llol.

  • CCBInestigator

    There is another company at the Dundas and Richmond that is actually a scam called Vector Marketing. They are currently under investigation. Now as for Security Concepts, they are an accredited business with 100% commission based pay, which is legal.

  • commission for life

    Thats one of the most ridiculous statements I’ve ever heard. 99% are scams??? What a foolish thing to say. I guess thousands, if not millions, of sales people in real estate, pharmaceuticals, advertising, cars and so many other industries are all involved in scams then? I am curious what you feel the 1% would be doing that WEREN’T involved in a scam. Pure Ignorance on your part.

  • PLM01

    Wish I found this today before going into my interview. Serves me right for being suspect but not really looking into it.

    When I received a call for an Interview, I was informed that it was business casual. So i brought out my nice dress pants, a nice shirt…the works. Only to arrive at the office and find one gentlemen wearing cargo shorts, a t-shirt that did not fit, and sandles.

    I was one of 4 people in the office waiting for an interview. A few times, employees would walk by and giggle, saying “wow hes already got a line up, He’s gonna be tired today.”

    20 Mins after my alloted time had passed. A man approached and asked, “I think you are next, right?” which led me to believe there was no schedule set up in the first place.

    My Interviewer, who shared the same name as me, would not let me get a word in edge wise. 30 mins of him glorifying door to door sales. Not once was I asked about my previous experience in security.

    I strongly urge anyone looking for work, or any companies looking for security coverage, to avoid this company.

  • lacoste poloshirt

    This article is so cool. I really like the way you did it. Thank you for sharing this kind of information. I can’t wait to see the new post.

  • Concerned Applicant

    Hey there, did this employer ever ask you of your age/DOB?

  • Dan_macaulay

    I too have interviewed with Security Concepts.[ describing it as an interview is a big strech]. It was exactly as described by Titus. It was the first[and last time] I went to a ‘group interview’ . Good for you for speaking out and making others aware of the hiring practices of this company.


  • Maranda

    thankyou titus for your experience with security concepts. i had an appt today at 120 wellington, and have been procrastinating and decided i was going to call and say i won’t be interviewing. it was my day off from my current f/t job and thought the day was better spent ‘hanging out’.lol. so i just wanted this as a pt gig and after reading ppls comments i’m glad i am not going to interview.
    (the person that called me yesterday was quite impersonal bordering on i was thinking about a time that would be good for me, i was asking where it’s located, and then still thinking..she said ‘so you want to come for interview tomorrow or not.’.. sheesh! she was not a ppl person at all! this kind of sent some warning signals for me. i work at a call centre now and everyone including management-and i really don’t like management is friendly and personable for the most part.
    thanks again for the comments, it just added to my gut feeling that this job isn’t worth it. have a great day!! 

  • Cloud

    I just had an interview yesterday  120 Wellington in London. The office was clean and the building a typical office building. The office was clean and seemed busy with ppl coming and going. I was given an application to fill in and just as I finished it was met with a recruiter. We went into an office (no group interview) and he told me it was a promotional/leads position. I would be going door to door to educate ppl on our free security system and he gave me a chance to ask any questions. He was professional and courteous as was the receptionist. The interview was about 4-5 mins and I was advised he’d get back to me. I’m interested (if not more intrigued as a result of your comments) in finding out if this company is legit. I will let you know about my experience.

  • another guest

    ya, kass and that’s why so many ppl in london ontario who have either gone to the interview, or have actually worked for that company, complain. normally ppl don’t start complaining til the ‘honeymooon period’ is over, like about 6-9 months…. lol.
    my friend’s son worked for that company and he is now working where i do and not having to worry about commission, making an hourly wage. there are opportunities for advancement and PLENTY overtime and it’s all indoors…. by the way… he is an awesome salesperson..which is  what security concepts entails but he was getting really tired of knowing that if he didn’t make a sale he didn’t get paid…., and with us he gets sales over the phone with customers who call in and actually ask for the services we provide… no door knocking  or pressure or lying involved. 
    and by the way. flipping burgers is not for everyone and that can be a career that can lead to a career boost. so don’t go trashing the food industry which i’m sure you frequent quite a bit.
    you are comparing security concepts with what bill gates did???? omg… you really do belong there. so you must actually be an owner or wife of an owner for you to talk about the company making billions of dollars,,, but guaranteed the profits are made off the backs of desperate people trying to make enough to have a roof over their head and food on the table..and they aren’t making an awful lot, i guarantee that. 
    so someone like you, you belong with that company and good luck to you, and i would try on a different attitude because ppl won’t even want to be in the same room as you if you are so judgemental and aggressive salesmen i guess… hm! whoknew! lol.

  • Jankett

    I just got a call to do an interview with them, and I was hoping it was a call center position, but door-to-door sales??? WTF I’m pissed, I really need a job right now but I would rather go on welfare then do door to door sales, AND with a scammy company… FFS

  • Hungry Student

    I have an orientation session with them tomorrow, I will post what it is like.

  • guard

    Hey, So I was at Fanshaw college, a black male of the name Patrick was standing at a both for Security Concepts, we chatted for a while and then I gave him my number. 3 days later I get called in for a interview at 120 wellington st. 201 I arrived at the building 10 minutes early entered the building whit up a flight of stares and talked to the women at the front desk, she give me a application to fill out, while I was filling this out, 2 more student looking type people came in a started filling the a application out I finished first and patrick came took my form and had me follow him into a conference room it was a nice room, we sat down and had a normal interview. afterwards he explained the pay scale… you start off at $11 an hour for a 30 hour week, for every sale you get your pay goes up a couple bucks, peeking at 6 sales for $20 bucks a hour. seemed alright, then he went on to explain that after 90 days they would be picking people for management jobs, to lead a team of junior sales people. 

    Now what makes my case a little different is I have a Diploma in Law & security I’m also a licensed security guard.. he also offered me a job as a guard…. 

    out of everyone who posted my experience seemed to be the most pleasant…. but I’m still not sure if I should be taking the job.

  • Anonymous

    The company must have changed their ways.  I work here now and things are great.  Starting canvassers are paid hourly.  I love my job:)

  • pure logic haha

    man I remember way back when they sold air purifiers. they are such scammers changing their business name from time to time. I met the guy doing the interviews. now i know where ive seen these dark scammers before. Thanks for posting this for people to see.

  • Farah108

    i have an interview tomorrow, these posts are scaring me

  • Christopher

    How about that .. I have an interview Tomorrow as well. (Aug 14th)

  • Farah108

    what time ! i hope its not a group interview

  • happy

    you must have to write that bs. my friend worked for them and if i had of known that’s what he was going to do i would have told him not to. that job is too much trouble for what it’s worth. he applied to work in the office and they put him door to door sales. i told him i applied too, but thanks to this thread i saw it was complete crap. so many ppl saying bad things about a company is enough for me to know it’s crap. don’t go for the interview unless you want to walk door to door for the day and night. there’s other jobs. much easier. and it’s not lame to work for mc’ds or timmies. at least you know you’re getting paid for an honest day’s work and it’s sales coming to YOU. 

  • Marandcar

    he did some training and now he’s not working there again. he said it was bs too.

  • cwils

    eek I have one tomorrow! Mine is for a customer service representative… was that what yours was for?

  • PSC

    I think Pure Sense is now called PSC (not sure what it stands for, maybe Pure Sense Company?). I am pretty sure they change their name frequently. I looked up the address on google map and saw that the company was called Pure Sense at one point (old picture from google map). They have ads on the the Job Bank that look appealing because they say they have management positions available but in reality they don’t have any. Training is not paid for and they try really hard not to talk about pay when you go. They just need people to sell their water purification systems for them.

  • GT

    Have an “interview” set up for tomorrow @ 12:40pm (which is oddly specific). I have had a rough time recently procuring any interviews for GAINFULL employment and had recently been let go from a very shady call center with comparable business practises, so had decided to essentially apply for everything posted online hoping to hit pay dirt. I was told to dress “Business casual” and had not even been given any vague explanation of what the position entailed. Everything seems to jive so far with what everyone else is posting. I will call an hour before the appointment, ask to speak with the Rep who contacted me (starts with a “J” and rhymes with “Mason”), and if it’s Door-to-door sales with pay solely based on commission, I won’t even bother.
    (However, as an afterthought, it would be kind of funny to print this post and all comments and to put in a binder to bring with me and ask Polo shirt man to explain it to all other potential suckers in the room)
    Thank you very much for this post – Glad I Googled the place before wasting any time.

  • Theresa

    I worked for this company for a couple of years and I just found this blog now, and I’m glad I never seen it before I started working there. It was a great experience and it opened the door to my new opportunity which is jumping into Real Estate. They had great company parties and even took us on road trips to work in Northern Ontario. Personally, I made a great income, but, I work a lot harder than a lot of people seem to. There was a lot of people who would come in, work for just a day or two and give up because they didn’t make a sale and didn’t make any money because of it. Something I find some people don’t think of is that it takes time to learn something new, it took me over a week to make my first sale, but once I got going it became the highest paying job that I’ve ever worked. My best week was 8 sales and there were a few people I’ve seen do more. Unfortunately a lot of people give up before they really even get started and don’t put any effort in and I think that’s why they didn’t do well.

    After reading a lot of the comments on here, I’ve noticed that the vast majority of them are from people who never even went to their interview or are from people who never actually worked for the company. I’m also curious why this blog ever even got started? I know when I’ve gone to something that wasn’t for me, I just forgot about it. Why such the personal attack on this company? Also, I’d like to know why you didn’t get more research by completing the 1 on 1 interview and perhaps even going to the training for a day or two in order to provide a complete picture of what the company was really like… from the inside instead of just a small peak through the window?

    Clearly my opinion and experience of Security Concepts is different from a lot of comments here, but it’s also from a very different perspective. I actually worked there for a couple of years and I made a much better income than most of my friends were making while I did it.

    I’d love to have the person who wrote the blog respond to my comments. Thanks!

  • matty

    is this the same office that’s now in 303 richmond?

  • matty

    is this the same company that’s now at 303 richmond st in london ontario?

  • anonymous

    it doesn’t sound like a scam if they are paying hourly which they are, i was there too the other day

  • Squeezebox McCoy

    Oh believe me, their level of professionalism hasn’t improved much. The way they handle their security guards is an embarrassment. They often place you in unsafe working conditions with minimal instruction and vague post orders. Organization and communication between the guards is virtually non-existent. The operations manager is careless and absent-minded, and has a reputation of luring people in with the promise of 30-40 hours of work per week, and can’t deliver on this promise because they don’t actually have the contracts to provide guards with that kind of workload. And if a client has a grievance with one of the guards, even for the most unjust of reasons, CSC will throw their employees under the bus rather than defend them because they’re so insecure about their precarious position in the security market. It’s an amateurish organization, incompetently run. Even if you plan to work part-time, it would be a waste of your life.

  • Samantha

    I miss you Theresa !!
    I also agree.. dont knock something until you try it. I made a lot of money and had the summer of my life travelling (all for free) Northern Ontario. I also met amazing people.. one of whom Ive been dating for two years now. I dont regret a thing. :)

  • Adamius Christopherius Fosteri

    lol…”powerwpoint”…”think that “you” wrote” ..nice try Eta.

  • Sean Bean

    Well, it’s been about 5 years since this post has been made, and it still appears in when you do a google search of Canadian Security Concepts, so I do feel like I have an obligation to comment on my experience with Canadian Security Concepts, even 5 years after the facts. Assuming that the reader has already done the research on this company, I can jump right into telling you my experience.

    The day after I was accepted into the company, myself and a group of about 7 other people jumped into a 3 day training orientation. The first day was a general introduction of the company and what they do, which is sales of ADT security products in the Special Promotions department. The first day was also about 5-6 hours of going over the equipment in order to make sales to customers. The way Canadian Security Concepts does its business is largely in door-to-door sales. Now I’m sure the question on everyone’s mind is, “what about the pay?” The 3 day orientation is NOT paid, and while I was there, there was absolutely no talk of a base salary, hourly pay, or anything like that, and any questions asked about that were very carefully dodged.

    The second day of the orientation was a recap of the previous day’s lecture on the equipment, and how to make door-to-door sales, which is done by following a script every time you knock on someone’s door. We also met with our “Team Leader”, who was sitting in on the lectures and telling us all about her vast success with the company, including how she was making $1000 a week. This should’ve been my first warning sign that something here was wrong. I was confused to find that 3 people from the previous day were not present, as they had voluntarily left, and this should’ve been my second warning sign. Unbeknownst to me until about 20 minutes before we left, we were going to be going out to make door-to-door sales, after only a day and a half of training and being expected to memorize a script. Needless to say, this took my co-workers and I entirely by surprise, and most of us (all but one person with previous experience in sales, the rest of us being entry-level with none) were definitely not confident with going out.

    When we left to go out, the 5 of us piled into a van with our driver, and our “Team Leader”, and the 5 of us were dropped off on different streets to begin going door-to-door. The weather was absolutely deplorable and borderline dangerous, with torrential downpour and the threat of a thunderstorm; definitely not the kind of weather for doing door-to-door sales effectively or efficiently. We all went out, carrying an umbrella, a bright orange road vest, training badges, and a binder for documenting our progress and containing a presentation we would present once inside the house. Needless to say, the pouring rain quickly destroyed my notes after being rejected at about 20 houses, making it impossible to document my progress, and rendering my reasons for being out in this shitstorm (for lack of a better term) null and void. Still, I pressed on, determined to at least see my first day at work to the end, even if it was all for naught.

    About 5 hours later, the van came around to pick up the 5 of us.. Except there were only 2 of us remaining, as the other 3 had given up and left on the job, ending their careers in Canadian Security Concepts. Looking back on it now, I can’t say I blame them. I was thoroughly discouraged as the reasons for being out there quickly became non-existant and it was an utter waste of my time. I felt as though I was being put through some kind of cruel initiation. We returned to the offices and went through a “webinar”, which consisted of watching motivational sales people on Youtube for about an hour.

    The next morning, I didn’t even bother showing up. I had no idea what I was being paid in terms of a base salary, and it was too suspicious the way they would duck and dodge any questions about it, and I think the idea of making all your money from commissions going door-to-door is something that only works for a few people, and hey, the more power to them.

    Now, if there are any questions (provided anyone ever reads this) I will be happy to answer them, but I’m just gonna summarize the pros and cons of my experience, and give a final thought.

    Friendly-mannered staff
    … What they do isn’t illegal?

    Dodging questions about pay
    Leading on employees (Promises of ridiculous amounts of money, and not definitively answering questions)
    Questionable business practice
    Dreadful training and orientation
    100% commission

    Final Thought: If you’re someone in dire need of employment and a stable wage, this is NOT the job for you. As far as I know, there is no hourly rate or base salary, and if there is, it’s not something that was made known to us during interviews or for the time I was with the company, and that by itself is shady as hell. They give you the title “Security Consultant”, but you are a door-to-door salesman, if you’re working in the Special Promotions division. What they do isn’t illegal, and they are with the Better Business Bureau, but I don’t think a selling point to any company should be the legality of it, and if it is, it must mean there’s really not many pros to working there. Door-to-door sales are a waste of time. Few people will ever give you more than 5 minutes to speak, fewer will let you in their home, and fewer will sign on. It’s just annoying. However, if you were born to be a salesman, and you have the time, this might be worth looking into. All others should stay away.

  • Awful Company

    What an incompetent horseshit company, I quit within an hour of working.
    The employee in charge of us was two hours late. two hours of unpaid time.
    I have no solid evidence but I strongly believe said employee was late because he was smoking pot in car which reeked of frebreeze and had several objects themed around weed culture inside.

    Just a terrible con company who takes advantage of students and immigrants