How To Save The Newspaper Industry

I don’t think that the newpaper will ever disappear.

I do think that think¬† most of them will/should become weekly papers. Get ride of the pretense about delivering “news”. A weekly newspaper would become a source of insight and commentary on world news and local events.¬† The paper would have more thoughtfull articles and detailed investigative journalism. Nevermind the financial benefits.

If you think about it, most sections of a daily paper are day-specific, and would still feel fresh 4 days later .

I started thinking about this when I realised my podcast habits. I don’t rush out and download the latest BOL or TWiT as soon as its realised. That is because they are providing commentary on technology news that is still relevant one or two days later.

Not that I’m a pessimist, but I give the London Free Press 5 years before its just a bigger version of the Londoner.

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