Social Media Tryouts

If you claim to be a marketer / PR person / social media firm, who claims to help companies gain social media exposure, shouldn’t I know you exist?

I’m very involved in the social media scene in London, as many of my posts have expressed. Both in the public side with personal interactions, and the business side and various consulting projects.  So I speak with some authority when I posed the above question.

Granted most people using Facebook probably won’t know about a social media firm, or that such beasts exist. But I do, and I should know about you. Especially if you are in London, and claim any level of expertise.

I realise that sounds like I’m tooting my own horn. However  if you want to play the game, you’ve got to know the players on your own team. At this point though  some of the people trying out might as well be invisible to those already on the court.

Ldn Beta

Brian Frank, who is increasingly fulfilling the intellectual niche of the social media scene in London, has started a new initiative in the city of London: Ldn Beta.

I’ll let Brian’s words from the first post describe it:

It would be great to see #ldnbeta concept (or some other iteration) picked up and used to drive the conversation — not just here, but on people’s own blogs, on Twitter, face-to-face, everywhere  – exploring and advocating new opportunities for social media in London.


To sum up, this isn’t the venue for complaining about road repairs and garbage collection. This is for exploring ways to make our blogs and the social media scene in London better… so when you complain about roads and garbage on your own blog it’ll be more effective.

Here is how I want Ldn Beta to evolve; as a resource, as a community meeting place, as a sounding board, and as an ideas blog. All told it should encourage people to tap into the social aspect of the web and how that effects everyone here in London. It should serve as encouragement that we can effect positive change in the city, and we can do that through collaboration.

I’m excited to be a part of this with Brian. I encourage people in London to join in on the converstation. To input your ideas in whatever forum you would traditionally do that. Tag things with #ldnbeta or #ldn or #londonont or whatever you want. Join in the conversation though, thats where the fun happens.

Why Am I a Member of an Overly Protective State?

A Manitoba couple has “white nationalist” beliefs, and “teaches” their children the same.  Their eldest daughter goes to school with a Swastika drawn on her arm, which the teacher obviously becomes alarmed at. The teacher scrubs it off, but the mother helps the child drawn it on again the next morning. Ultimately Child Protective Services are brought in and the children are removed from the home.

I think these parents are insane, and their views are harmful to society as a whole. But what is worse for a liberal democracy is the power a few social workers can have.

This Manitoba story has raised larger questions in my mind. Specifically; what consititutes “membership” in a state, and how much interference do outside agencies have in our private lives.

As private citizens there is no reason that anyone should be interfering in your life, unless you have a direct, and I exclude any indirect, effect on the life liberty and pursuit of happiness, of any other member of the state.

I’m going to further my thoughts and reasoning on this issue.  I’d apprecitate feedback in the comments; perhaps the direction I should take, or further “points to ponder”

A Simple Post

Last night myself and a number of other Londoners traveled up to the Kitchener- Waterloo Social Media meetup. It was great to interact with another “scene”. I had a number of great conversations and made some good contacts.

More generally, plans are ramping up for the wedding which is less then a month away. If you ask me everything seems to be coming together nicely without too much stress, but I’m sure there are people who would disagree.

I’ve run into a bit of an annoyance with the house lately. The drains from the kitchen have slowed to a crawl, with water collecting in the laundry tub. I tried to clean it out with a simple hand snake, but without success. I’m going to have to rent a power drain auger to see if that solves the problem.

There have been a few cosmetic changes to the house, and once I find my microSD adapter I’ll post some pics from my phone.