Social Media Tryouts

If you claim to be a marketer / PR person / social media firm, who claims to help companies gain social media exposure, shouldn’t I know you exist?

I’m very involved in the social media scene in London, as many of my posts have expressed. Both in the public side with personal interactions, and the business side and various consulting projects.  So I speak with some authority when I posed the above question.

Granted most people using Facebook probably won’t know about a social media firm, or that such beasts exist. But I do, and I should know about you. Especially if you are in London, and claim any level of expertise.

I realise that sounds like I’m tooting my own horn. However  if you want to play the game, you’ve got to know the players on your own team. At this point though  some of the people trying out might as well be invisible to those already on the court.

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  • Bill Deys

    Once again you’ve knocked it out of the park! I’ve said these things, although not as eloquently, many times.

  • Phronk

    To play devil’s advocate, and to echo something that came up on Twitter earlier today, perhaps there are non-overlapping subcommunities that exist in the local social media scene. Maybe a prominent member of this other group will come across this post, not recognize your name, and think exactly the same thing.

    I doubt it – especially given that it’s so easy to find each other on this internet thing – but it’s possible. Especially if groups have different roles. Marketer / PR people may not necessarily be heavily into social media (though whether they should be is a whole other topic), so would never be exposed to its little community.