Why Am I a Member of an Overly Protective State?

A Manitoba couple has “white nationalist” beliefs, and “teaches” their children the same.  Their eldest daughter goes to school with a Swastika drawn on her arm, which the teacher obviously becomes alarmed at. The teacher scrubs it off, but the mother helps the child drawn it on again the next morning. Ultimately Child Protective Services are brought in and the children are removed from the home.

I think these parents are insane, and their views are harmful to society as a whole. But what is worse for a liberal democracy is the power a few social workers can have.

This Manitoba story has raised larger questions in my mind. Specifically; what consititutes “membership” in a state, and how much interference do outside agencies have in our private lives.

As private citizens there is no reason that anyone should be interfering in your life, unless you have a direct, and I exclude any indirect, effect on the life liberty and pursuit of happiness, of any other member of the state.

I’m going to further my thoughts and reasoning on this issue.  I’d apprecitate feedback in the comments; perhaps the direction I should take, or further “points to ponder”

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  • http://www.leschinskidesign.com John Leschinski

    When it effects children I think it’s worth stepping in and setting them back on course. Adults should be free from interference, but children often have no alternative then to be influenced negatively or otherwise and becoming a less productive member of the state.