Third and Fourth Estates


Yesterday I wrote up my overview of PodCamp London. In the process I mentioned people in this city that I feel are producing intriguing and prolific content. One of those people was a blogger at the London Free Press.

I sat back and thought about that today. What I did was intriguing on a couple of levels, and I wasn’t even aware of it at the time.

Most bloggers still think that there is a dichotomy between “Old” media and “New” media.  Its a David and Goliath story. Us versus Them. Towards that end amateurs writing on the web don’t want to acknowledge traditional and professional writers.

I didn’t even think for a second that Dan Brown writes for a living, and for a “dying business model”.  I think thats because the LF Press is doing such an amazing job; connecting with readers and producing online content.So much so that the wall between the people (Third Estate) and the London press (Fourth Estate) has all but crumbled in my mind.

Bloggers and online media need to understand our pedigree.  Trained journalists and most often the ones who have laid the groundwork that allow us the freedoms to write how and what we do.

PodCamp Overview

Its taken me a bit of time to get this out, in fact I think some people have already written multiple posts on the topic. I don’t generate any where near as much content as some, local, bloggers. I don’t post as commonly as this man, and I’m not even going to compare myself to this guy.  But what follows are my own thoughts on this weekend.

I’m continually impressed by the content turned out by the London community. From insightful commentary to our own local memes, this group is incredibly prolific.

I’m glad that PodCamp London was a chance for lots of these people to get together, to meet in person, and to create some amazing content. If it was your first time out to a Social Media event like this in the City of London, I would encourage you to attend the Montly Meetup.

Continue to foster relationships with the people you met. Take the connections you made one step further. Don’t complain that London has no community, or nothing for you. I just presented a list of people who disagree with that sentiment;  emulate them and do something amazing!

Loser’s Town

I just finished reading my first book as part of the Penguin bloggers promotion, Loser’s Town (Amazon). Unlike other book reviews, like ones you may have written in grade school, I’m not going to rehash the entire book for you. Nor am I going to offer a general recommendation to any and everyone reading this.

loserstownYou will like this book though if you are into gritty, dark, crime and mystery novels.

I can’t say that this is a genre that I am completely familiar with, at least the more modern offers of such. I grew up reading mystery novels of the Rex Stout variety, so this novel was a bit of a change.

That being said I did enjoy reading it. It was the perfect type of book for a long weekend. I can see it being very popular vacation reading.

Loser’s Town appears to be the first in a new series featuring the main character, David Spandau. He’s an interesting character, and I look forward to seeing him developed further.

My one criticism is with the author’s opinion that the reader needs to be shocked into seeing how gritty the book’s setting is. With gratuitous sex scenes, that seem to serve no purpose, and language thatattempts to be “street” but just comes across as stilted and forced, Depp would do better to work on his prose then pure shock.

Some Announcments

This post has been a long time coming, but I have been putting it of for a while now.

As I have eluded in the past, both on here and Twitter, about the “exciting things” taking place in London.

lola_rog_logoI am thrilled  to annouce, finally and  publicly here, that I have become involved with the London Ontario Live Arts festival – better known as LOLA. I’m very excited because I have participated as a concert goer in the LOLA festival in previous years and had a great time. Despite the stereotype that London does not have an arts community, LOLA has flourished, and shown both this city and the whole country a different part of Southwestern Ontario.

There is going to be lots of oppurtunity to explore different parts of social media and online promotion as a result of this. I’m interested to see how things develop, before, during, and after the concert. There are ongoing concert series during the year and I will be promoting those as well.

penguin-white2The next bit of news that I would like to share is my involvement with Penguin Canada. As part of their promotions, the book publisher has started to branch out online. I have been selected to help promote various books and authors as part of my blog and online presence.This is a great oppurtunity for me, and my readers. I am an avid reader and I love sharing my opinion.

In all of this though I promise to continue to have a transparent website. I’ll make it clear when I am promoting / working on behalf of someone else. I’m going to share my opnion honestly. If I like something I’ll recommend it. If not then I won’t lie. I think these relationships are going to benefit everyone in the end.

The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same

Over the next few days I’m going to make a few changes to the site.

I’d like to update the layout a bit – maybe get a bit more of a blog roll going.  It won’t be a list though. I think a page of different categories would be a lot nicer. Maybe I’ll take some time and “highlight” local social medians in the city of London too.

I’ve already updated the title to the blog – A Life Untold – Social Media, Twitter, Blogging and Life.  I don’t want to become exclusively about social media so that is why I appended “life”.

I’m going to keep things balanced. Especially over the next few months as I make improvements to the new house (already stripped down a room’s wallpaper – pictures soon) and I prepare to get married in June.