Third and Fourth Estates


Yesterday I wrote up my overview of PodCamp London. In the process I mentioned people in this city that I feel are producing intriguing and prolific content. One of those people was a blogger at the London Free Press.

I sat back and thought about that today. What I did was intriguing on a couple of levels, and I wasn’t even aware of it at the time.

Most bloggers still think that there is a dichotomy between “Old” media and “New” media.  Its a David and Goliath story. Us versus Them. Towards that end amateurs writing on the web don’t want to acknowledge traditional and professional writers.

I didn’t even think for a second that Dan Brown writes for a living, and for a “dying business model”.  I think thats because the LF Press is doing such an amazing job; connecting with readers and producing online content.So much so that the wall between the people (Third Estate) and the London press (Fourth Estate) has all but crumbled in my mind.

Bloggers and online media need to understand our pedigree.  Trained journalists and most often the ones who have laid the groundwork that allow us the freedoms to write how and what we do.

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