PodCamp Overview

Its taken me a bit of time to get this out, in fact I think some people have already written multiple posts on the topic. I don’t generate any where near as much content as some, local, bloggers. I don’t post as commonly as this man, and I’m not even going to compare myself to this guy.  But what follows are my own thoughts on this weekend.

I’m continually impressed by the content turned out by the London community. From insightful commentary to our own local memes, this group is incredibly prolific.

I’m glad that PodCamp London was a chance for lots of these people to get together, to meet in person, and to create some amazing content. If it was your first time out to a Social Media event like this in the City of London, I would encourage you to attend the Montly Meetup.

Continue to foster relationships with the people you met. Take the connections you made one step further. Don’t complain that London has no community, or nothing for you. I just presented a list of people who disagree with that sentiment;  emulate them and do something amazing!

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