Now For Something Completely Different

I’ve been starting at a blank new post box for over an hour. (ok – not really, I moved onto other things but I left the tab open).  I want to put something out today but I’m not sure what exactly I want to focus on. I’ve spent a lot of time writing on everything but my personal life and I think it might be time for a more esoteric.

My lovely fiance and I just recently purchased our first house. And to make it even scarier – I’m going from living at home to owning a house. I’ve skipped the transitional apartment and jumped into the deep end.

But unlike a scared 3 year old at a pool – we are both amazingly excited. We take possession tomorrow (March 31st) and that couldn’t come sooner.

Despite worrying that we would have no furniture to fill it, we’ve slowly been accumulating more and more “things”. I’m still sure that it will take a while for it to feel as homey as home, but at least we won’t feel like squaters.

There are a few improvements to be made and I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures as the work progresses.

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  • Bill Deys

    I was in the same boat, it’s amazing how quickly you fill a new house!

  • Erica

    …especially with your wedding coming up soon! Congrats on taking possession, colour me jealous.