The Social Media Scene In London Ontario

This is something that I have been thinking about more lately, and I really felt its effects last night that the monthly social media meetup at Molly Blooms.

The London social media scene took a while long while to take off. And it wasn’t  that people weren’t technologically active, it just took a time for them become more social and engaging with each other.

I have been involved in the “scene” since the beginning (If you can pin point a specific time). I don’t say that to brag or to claim expertise in anything, but its the reason why I say the following.

I feel that I have a bigger responsibility to the community

Its a strange type of responsibility though: I feel like a party host that has to make sure that everyone is having a good time and is actively engaging other people at the “party”.

It really felt like that last night at the meetup, with our largest turnout ever, and many new people, I wanted to make sure that everyone felt comfortable and was enjoying themselves.

I like playing an active role in the community, but I think I need to better delineate my role in the fishbowl.

What about my readers? Do you ever get that feeling of responsibility that you don’t think you deserve and may not know what to do with it?

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  • Bill Deys

    I do have the feeling of responsibility, and I guess the level at which I try to bring the new people in and talk to everyone changes depending on my mood.

    I know there were a few people that I only got to talk to for about a minute, and I’m torn between wanting the group to grow and not being able to talk to everyone on any given night when it does.

    It’s unfortunate that when you get known, and do a degree popular, you loose out on some of the personal aspect.

  • Brian Frank

    I suppose if enough people take responsility then everyone doesn’t have to connect with everyone. Nobody has to feel responsible for the whole thing — we just need to be responsible for encouraging the few people sitting around us to get engaged and feel a little more responsible themselves, and hopefully it cascades… like grandparents watching their kids raise their own families.

  • Jonathan Kochis

    I had a blast at the meetup last night and am glad people like Bill and Titus are around to be great hosts. I think it should be the responsibility of everyone at the event to be open and inclusive in the interest of simply meeting more great people.

  • Titus Ferguson

    Thanks for the great comments guys!

    I’ve been thinking about this more (since this morning) and I think this is an extension of the GTD system and learning how to say “no”. I love being involved in things but there comes a point when I need to realize how to step back.