BP – Breakfast Podcast?

With the disapperance of our local morning show I have been thinking about what is going to replace it. I have seen some discussion around the web and some prototypes (I hope to see him up every morning at 3 am producing content) of what might happen now.

This is my thought

I will gladly pay $5 a month for a M-F podcast (audio or video) summarizing the daily news, local sports and weather. Thats all I ask – it wouldn’t have to be long. And I’m sure the data is all publicly accessible – I just want someone else to collect it for me.

So, when can I expect to see that in my feed reader?

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  • http://brianfrank.ca Brian Frank

    Unfortunately this is my last week of late shifts, so the B Morning show won’t survive its pilot unless I get a whole pile of $5 subscribers right away so I can quit my job and take control of my own sleep patterns. Until then it’s going to get shelved until I hit the lotto.

    Jokes aside, I’d like something like that too.

  • http://deys.ca Bill Deys

    You’re welcome to stop by and use the gear!