A Few Notes of Thanks

I wanted to get into the swing of writing to this blog again and I thought that this post might be the bet way to do that.

Since the beginning of the year I have had a couple of favorable experiences with some online retailers and I wanted to share those here. I feel that good  customer service should be rewareded; and blogs are a great way to promote companies that you feel have gone above and beyond.

The firest was the online t-shirt company Threadless. I purchased some t-shirt there as Christmas gifts. One of them arrived with a small hole on the back. They did include a simple return form and I got a replacement shirt back really quickly. They also send me a $5 coupon for the hassle (as well as reimbursing me for shipping). Thanks Threadless!

My second item is a bit more unusual. One of my responsibilities at work has included some web design. In the process I encountered and and subsequently complained about EasyDNS on Twitter.


It was much to my surprise when about a month later I got an email from the CEO of EasyDNS, Mark Jeftovic, asking for clarfication on my complaints. Having seen my tweet, he decided to follow up with me personally.

I appalud EasyDNS for taking the time to focus on their public image, especially when I did not contact them directly. Mark mentioned some changes in the works that will resolve some of my earlier complaints.

These two stories are not the exception either. I have noticed very focused customer service from other online companies. I have been called (on the phone) by numerous following up on my use of their software. There are countless stories of web startups’ use of Twitter.

Yet again traditionally business’ could learn from this.

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