Who Will Run the Liberal Party?

Not I said Frank McKenna

Not I said little Kennedy

Not I said Ms. Hall FIndlay

Not I said John Manley

They won’t let me said Stéphane Dion

“I will” spoke Ignatieff

“So will I” shouted Bob Rae

Dominic LeBlanc strained to be heard above the voices; “I could do it do”


I’m going to make a drinking game for the convention in the spring. Everytime a political buzz word is used, you take a drink.

As if Liberal party conventions aren’t fun enough already

Margaret Atwood

On my way home last night I turned on to CBC radio and listened to the last half of Ideas.  It was the second night of the Massey Lectures, this year presented by Margaret Atwood.

I listened intently for almost a half hour and it wasn’t until the very end, in last two minutes maybe, that I kinda got the jist of what she was talking about.

I know that I’m supposed to admire Atwood but:

  • She dislikes men
  • She sounds like a man
  • Mon-o-tone

(Her lecture, while rambling and incoherent, was actually interesting)


I’ve realised this in just the last couple of days hours: it doesn’t require much time on my part to provide a bit of content for this site. I don’t need to meticulously research every single topic that I share. And every single post doesn’t need to be a well thought out bit of prose.

So from here on I’m just going to scribble what I find remotely interesting.  I’ve used twitter for a while for  short bursts of thought, but I’m starting to realise that the real discussion is better held on a static blog.

Won’t you join me for a more intelligent discussion?

Thoughts on Personal Blogging

Over the weekend, as David Peralty has pointed out, I was able to engage in a discussion on professional blogging. I’ve realized that I have a fundamental difference of opinion with the way that the blogging world is viewed professionally.

Let it be known from the start that I am an inconsistent blogger at the best of times, and I admire those, both professionally and personally, who can routinely produce content.

However, when that content comes at the sacrifice of quality, I begin to lose my admiration.

And in this, lies my problems with the majority of probloggers. If you only care about driving traffic and getting the top of search results, and your heart is not in what you write, to me you are only slightly better then an email spammer.

Now, I understand that bills need to be paid and if many probloggers had the option they would write content on a subject that they truly care about. But my questions is; why not?

Jumping Off

Take that leap of faith. If you truly love something, and are good at the business aspect of it, then you can make money. Maybe you need to shake off the old business model. Quite complaining that ad revenues are slipping and find a new way to generate income.

But do it while still providing quality content. Because that is where the true traffic lies, in crafting something that people will want to read and generating conversation.

So Why Thoughts on Personal Blogging?

With a personal blog people take pride in what they write. As a result other people enjoy reading it and gradually the world benefits from the information produced and exchanged.

Probloggers could learn from both old and new media. Use MSM tools to generate traffic, and new media soul to generate quality.

Thoughts on podcamp Michigan

I’m sitting here and podcamp Michigan and I just wanted to tap out my thoughts so far. I’m on my iPod touch so it won’t be that much detail. Plus lots of typos

My first complaint is the setup. There are quite a number of people here and we are very much crammed into a room. Tables are set up in rows and it has a real school feel.

I’m really excited to see the number of people here but a lot of them seem to be here for their own personal reasons, there is not a lot of community.

Part of that might be because of the amount of structure. There is a tight timetable to follow and it doesn’t look like anything spontaneous is going to happen. I’m going to see what happens this afternoon because those sessions don’t interest me.

More to come later

PodCamp Michigan

I’m done here in Southfield Michigan at the Embassy Suites for the first Pod Camp Michigan. I’ve come down with another local blooger, David Peralty.

We decided to come up a day early so that we didn’t have to leave before the sun comes up tomorrow morning. And I’m really glad we did. This suite is amazing, huge and well laid out. Free drinks when we got here and a cooked to order breakfast.

Thankfully when we arrived they upgraded our suite to two king beds. Which means we don’t have to fight over the bed.

I’m really looking forward to tomrorrow, and I’ll post my thoughts then.