Mapping Project

As I was driving around the City of London yesterday I had a thought. While that is nothing unique, I try to have at least one thought a day, the specific thought was.

How great would it be if London became one of the best commerically mapped cities in Canada? Based on google’s user generated maps, we could input the location of businessess around the Forest City.

That all it is really, quite a simple thought, and I don’t think it would be a complicated project. So who is interested?

Twitter Updates for 2008-10-24

  • New Blog Post: Twitter Updates for 2008-10-23 #
  • Know what? I don’t really use bookmarks anymore… #
  • Well, watching the DOW has been fun this morning #
  • @JCDean Medway HS is in Arva. I didn’t see that series, what did it say? #
  • I really like this site but it needs a redesign: #
  • similar artist to Velvet Underground is the Beach Boys??? #
  • @JCDean Yes, that is true. The school building is still technically in Arva despite where the students are. #
  • Mmmm just ate a really good cupcake #
  • just sorted out my paper clips. Removed coloured ones, only silver now! #
  • @phronk Perhaps the macbook order that you originally canceled got shipped? #
  • @phronk Well then, did they refund you the money? 😉 #
  • Not motivated to work at all today. #
  • My google talk initiative at the office really took off. #
  • @phronk Awww and here I was rooting for another MB pro for you! #

Twitter Updates for 2008-10-23

  • I’m at 271 Quaker Ln, London, ON, Canada (271 Quaker Ln, London, ON N0M, CA) – #
  • New Blog Post: Twitter Updates for 2008-10-22 #
  • Just realized that the Dears put out a new album. This is one I’ll definitely get on physical disc #
  • YES! Finally got my daytum beta invite!!! #
  • Check it out! #
  • @StarrGazr Those are pretty crappy air photos then. Most people know to take them in the spring #
  • @tommyvallier A bag of money #
  • finally at inbox zero #
  • @sharonjaffe Thanks! I was hoping there was going to be some reciprocation. :) #
  • @picard102 Crap, I really want to make it out to one of these! Why am I always busy? #
  • What is fugigdy and why did I just get an email from them? #
  • My use of facebook has really slipped, I would like to get back into it. #

Twitter Updates for 2008-10-22

  • Starting a gtd list #
  • New Blog Post: Twitter Updates for 2008-10-21 #
  • Ok Londoners – whose going down to PodCamp Michigan with me and @brandingdavid on Friday afternoon (November 7th) #
  • Outlook is acting up on a co-workers computers. Going to try a reinstall / repair #

Twitter Updates for 2008-10-21

  • On hold with goodlife trying to cancel a membership #
  • How am I caller number 8? Its 8:38 on a Monday night! Who are all these people calling Goodlife? #
  • Working on the computer all night long. I wish I didn’t have to stare at a screen all day. But this macbook one is nicer then work #
  • Anyone know how to export a powerpoint 2000 slideshow to flash, avi , mov or etc? #
  • @KVL Problem is that it was made on my mothers PC. Trying a third party app now. #
  • New Blog Post: Twitter Updates for 2008-10-20 #
  • Sun is streaming into the office… the lighting is perfect. #
  • WOAH CBC radio 1 The Current – they are playing Osama Bin Laden’s poetry! #
  • I say, why are we complaining about a crappy music venue and dying bar. Yeah it was historical, but lets move on. #
  • Let embrace the future and work towards getting a performing art centre (that isn’t solid golds) for this city! #
  • @thatcomputerguy So would a performing arts centre. #
  • @thatcomputerguy Or one of the other revenue positive clubs (Call the Office, Aeolian Hall, London Music Club, Embassy) #
  • @picard102 Exactly what I think. Do you want to come with me to tell that to the City of London which seeks to regulate private property? #
  • @thatcomputerguy We have enough private clubs I follow small independent bands and I dont see the loss of the Wick as affecting London stops #
  • I wonder, was there a huge cry and complaining when the Cedar Lounge disappeared? Or all of Talbot Block music venues? #
  • Since many Londoners don’t know what I’m talking about: #
  • @thatcomputerguy I think we can agree on that! #
  • Does anyone know how big the lot that the wick is on really is? Because what ever is built can’t be that close to the road anymore. #
  • @billdeys Nope, there are setbacks in place mind you its only a couple of meters but they will never get that close again. I #
  • Finishing up tasks that should have been done long ago. #
  • @jvyoung I’m curious to know, when were you hired by Google? And are the perks as nice as everyone says? #
  • Does anyone know how to find alocation based on old concession and lot numbers? #
  • @KVL Awesome thanks, checking it out now. #
  • GAG why is my twitter messed up !!!! Get smaller #
  • Thats better. Whew I thought they had a stupid new CSS design. #
  • @KVL So are you participating in World Planning Day? #
  • One thing I love about being done school: No more exams especially midterms I hated writing exams and paper and classes all at the same time #
  • @jvyoung #

Twitter Updates for 2008-10-20

  • @karolyjn I love it when local people track me down! Thanks for the follow. #
  • @karolijn I love it when local people track me down! Thanks for the follow. #
  • New Blog Post: Twitter Updates for 2008-10-19 #
  • Great sleep last night. All I needed was another blanket so I don’t freeze to death. #
  • @KVL I was able to get fring to make a skype call on my touch. I just need to pick up that headphone and I’ll have a nice apple VOIP #
  • @KVL Yeah, it was only one way. #
  • Desk is a mess left over from last week. #
  • @billdeys do you not have a coffee maker in your office? #
  • @PhillyMac_Biz Good day Phillip! I’m doing great! How about yourself? #
  • Switching to a bit of Brian Jonestown Massacre. #
  • @PhillyMac_Biz I agree. It always nice to start to see tangible results even if they are just the early stages. Good job! #
  • Remember when a few months ago when I put together a todo list folder? That wasn’t a good idea- things got lost in it and never accomplished #
  • @DougVos Well Well, look who I’ve stumbled upon here! #
  • @rebelliousgirl Not until January :) #
  • @rebelliousgirl Its all a part of ensuring that they aren’t totally killed off, hunting during staging would allow more to die. Silly really #
  • @KVL Did you do regulation mapping when you were at UTRCA? #
  • @fowgre Almost everyone agrees that the goose popluations is way to high and they should be culled. #
  • @fowgre The geese don’t really get a choice, since they breed recklessly with no consideration of their own populations health. #
  • Almost every tab I have open – besides twitter – is a Google product. #
  • Is there anyway to cross out text in google docs? #
  • @MichelSavoie Thanks! #
  • Leaving the office. Got to hurry home. #
  • so engrained that while listening to a podcast I went to iTunes to give the song playing a 5* rating. #
  • @fowgre , despite what doomsayer claim, the earth can still support our population. There are not enough resources for current geese # #
  • @fowgre Its the same thing as the number of deer in Sifton Bog. We need to get out of this mentality that managing wildlife is a bad thing. #
  • Know what would be good? If I could skype Rogers about my wireless bill… #


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