Twitter Updates for 2008-10-24

  • New Blog Post: Twitter Updates for 2008-10-23 #
  • Know what? I don’t really use bookmarks anymore… #
  • Well, watching the DOW has been fun this morning #
  • @JCDean Medway HS is in Arva. I didn’t see that series, what did it say? #
  • I really like this site but it needs a redesign: #
  • similar artist to Velvet Underground is the Beach Boys??? #
  • @JCDean Yes, that is true. The school building is still technically in Arva despite where the students are. #
  • Mmmm just ate a really good cupcake #
  • just sorted out my paper clips. Removed coloured ones, only silver now! #
  • @phronk Perhaps the macbook order that you originally canceled got shipped? #
  • @phronk Well then, did they refund you the money? 😉 #
  • Not motivated to work at all today. #
  • My google talk initiative at the office really took off. #
  • @phronk Awww and here I was rooting for another MB pro for you! #
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