Twitter Updates for 2008-10-21

  • On hold with goodlife trying to cancel a membership #
  • How am I caller number 8? Its 8:38 on a Monday night! Who are all these people calling Goodlife? #
  • Working on the computer all night long. I wish I didn’t have to stare at a screen all day. But this macbook one is nicer then work #
  • Anyone know how to export a powerpoint 2000 slideshow to flash, avi , mov or etc? #
  • @KVL Problem is that it was made on my mothers PC. Trying a third party app now. #
  • New Blog Post: Twitter Updates for 2008-10-20 #
  • Sun is streaming into the office… the lighting is perfect. #
  • WOAH CBC radio 1 The Current – they are playing Osama Bin Laden’s poetry! #
  • I say, why are we complaining about a crappy music venue and dying bar. Yeah it was historical, but lets move on. #
  • Let embrace the future and work towards getting a performing art centre (that isn’t solid golds) for this city! #
  • @thatcomputerguy So would a performing arts centre. #
  • @thatcomputerguy Or one of the other revenue positive clubs (Call the Office, Aeolian Hall, London Music Club, Embassy) #
  • @picard102 Exactly what I think. Do you want to come with me to tell that to the City of London which seeks to regulate private property? #
  • @thatcomputerguy We have enough private clubs I follow small independent bands and I dont see the loss of the Wick as affecting London stops #
  • I wonder, was there a huge cry and complaining when the Cedar Lounge disappeared? Or all of Talbot Block music venues? #
  • Since many Londoners don’t know what I’m talking about: #
  • @thatcomputerguy I think we can agree on that! #
  • Does anyone know how big the lot that the wick is on really is? Because what ever is built can’t be that close to the road anymore. #
  • @billdeys Nope, there are setbacks in place mind you its only a couple of meters but they will never get that close again. I #
  • Finishing up tasks that should have been done long ago. #
  • @jvyoung I’m curious to know, when were you hired by Google? And are the perks as nice as everyone says? #
  • Does anyone know how to find alocation based on old concession and lot numbers? #
  • @KVL Awesome thanks, checking it out now. #
  • GAG why is my twitter messed up !!!! Get smaller #
  • Thats better. Whew I thought they had a stupid new CSS design. #
  • @KVL So are you participating in World Planning Day? #
  • One thing I love about being done school: No more exams especially midterms I hated writing exams and paper and classes all at the same time #
  • @jvyoung #
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