London Tweetup – April 22nd

Tomorrow, Tuesday April 22nd, will be the first tweetup in London. This will be a chance to meet in real life people you may follow through Twitter in London or area.  The tweetup will start around 7:30.

The event will be held at Coffee Culture on Richmond St (map) in the back area of the coffee house.

Map to Coffee Culture

I’d encourage anyone in the area to come out and help build the social media community in London.  Follow me, or blogldn on Twitter for more information.

And Then It All Ended

To finish up my Musical Grab Bag post from yesterday.

The record player bit the dust. As in it no longer spins right round (like a record) when I pick up the arm.

This happened before. Mostly because I accidentally left it spinning for a day or two. I could get it to play by kinda coaxing it along and starting the spinning by hand. But now that won’t even work.

So if anyone wants to see more random musical journies, please send me money for a new one. Thanks.

Musical Grab Bag

Despite yesterday’s post full of musical errors and grammatical mistakes, I’m going to attempt another post today on music.

I’m spending the day at my desk, finishing up a couple of presentations, papers and assignments. I enjoy having some background music, both to engage with and to cover up any other noises.

I’ve also got a small record, vinyl record , collection that I don’t listen to nearly enough. So for today I created a bit of a game. I select out a record at random for the milk crates and then play the whole thing, sides A & B. This is going to be interesting because I have some very unusual records. Albums I would have never paid more the $0.25 for but found at Goodwilll for cheap.



First pick was Herman’s Hermits – 15 Greatest Hits. Including such gems as “Mrs. Brown You’ve Got A Lovely Daughter” and I’m Into Something Good”





Next up; Queen – Greatest Hits. Everyone knows what would be on this record right?  “Bohemian Rapsody”, “We Will Rock You” and “Under Pressure” to name a few.


Number three: Michael Jackson – Thriller. This is one album that I would have paid more money for. Fortunately I found a decent copy of it used for under 50 cents. I am by no means a Jackson fan, how could anyone be after the last 10 years he’s had? I think that everyone can appreciate this album though.


 My brother popped in and made his selection; Styx – Cornerstone. Not suprisingly I have never listened to this album. In fact the only Styx song I even know is “Come Sail Away”. However I’ve just finished listening to the first track and its not bad. Not great, but I don’t feel like ripping my ears off.

I’ll keep updating throughout the day!

Another Sunny Day

Today’s title comes from Belle And Sebastian, a power-pop group from edit: Glasgow, Scotland off of their 2006 stellar album, “The Life Pursuit” It fits today’s weather beautifully. Its a perfect spring day in London today, a bit chilly still, but bound to warm up by this afternoon.

My 10:30 class was cancelled today, so I’m spending the hour on some errands around campus. First I grabbed a Tim Hortons coffee. Honestly, their coffee is horrible. Underly bland with no strong coffee flavour. I drink a regular, its not diluted with too much cream or sugar. So why do I drink it, when their are Starbucks all over campus also?It reminds me of my time framing houses this summer. Coffee breaks were always Timmies, so sipping back at cup takes me right back to sitting on the subfloor of a home, in the summer sun, and just shooting the shit.(Its also roll-up-the-rim and despite astronomical odds, I still dream of winning big) 

Since its so nice out today, I’ve begun playing albums that I usually reserve for summer listening. Two albums that express summer to me are Coldplay’s XY and The White Stripes “Get Behind Me Satan” Both albums came out in the summer of 2005 and got a lot of play on my iPod that year. There really is nothing is the albums to suggest a summer theme, but anytime I hear them I feel summery.

So what about you guys? Do you have music that reminds you of a specific season, or time in your life? How about a food or drink that evokes strong memories?



I’m listening to TWiT episode 138, which incidentally is one of the best episodes in a while, and they are talking about Twitter addictions and information addictions in general. I’m surprised that its taken these people this long to realize that moderation is important. Laporte “There is an old way of thinking that you have to somehow keep up, that is really getting in your way. You can’t. Give Up. Release. Let go. However, if you bathe in the stream of information you get plenty. [] The key is not worrying about missing something.”I’ve been saying this for a while. The information is power, but only in moderation. Or else like so many others, you’ll get burned out.