Another Sunny Day

Today’s title comes from Belle And Sebastian, a power-pop group from edit: Glasgow, Scotland off of their 2006 stellar album, “The Life Pursuit” It fits today’s weather beautifully. Its a perfect spring day in London today, a bit chilly still, but bound to warm up by this afternoon.

My 10:30 class was cancelled today, so I’m spending the hour on some errands around campus. First I grabbed a Tim Hortons coffee. Honestly, their coffee is horrible. Underly bland with no strong coffee flavour. I drink a regular, its not diluted with too much cream or sugar. So why do I drink it, when their are Starbucks all over campus also?It reminds me of my time framing houses this summer. Coffee breaks were always Timmies, so sipping back at cup takes me right back to sitting on the subfloor of a home, in the summer sun, and just shooting the shit.(Its also roll-up-the-rim and despite astronomical odds, I still dream of winning big) 

Since its so nice out today, I’ve begun playing albums that I usually reserve for summer listening. Two albums that express summer to me are Coldplay’s XY and The White Stripes “Get Behind Me Satan” Both albums came out in the summer of 2005 and got a lot of play on my iPod that year. There really is nothing is the albums to suggest a summer theme, but anytime I hear them I feel summery.

So what about you guys? Do you have music that reminds you of a specific season, or time in your life? How about a food or drink that evokes strong memories?


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  • Mark

    Not to be nitpicky but Belle & Sebastian are Scottish not English.

    I have some very strong memories of music. I still remember the spring of 1992 when I was listening to The Jesus and Mary Chain’s Automatic. The spring of 1995 was my first year of university and I was listening to Juliana Hatfield’s album Only Everything and Suede’s debut album. I think a lot of people don’t really care about music all that much and don’t take note of it.

  • Titus Ferguson

    Thanks for grabbing that Mark. A silly mistake on my part, but I can “kinda” explain. I always get Echo and the Bunnymen, who are from Liverpool confused with Belle & Sebastian. Why? I don’t know….

    Great musical tastes though!

  • Mark

    That makes complete sense. Sometimes I get Morrissey confused with Jaleel White, the guy who played Urkel on Family Matters. It baffles my mind.

    I love Echo & the Bunnymen. Great band.

  • Titus Ferguson

    Why do I feel like I’m being mocked….. *grins*

    I didn’t saw that it made sense!