I’m listening to TWiT episode 138, which incidentally is one of the best episodes in a while, and they are talking about Twitter addictions and information addictions in general. I’m surprised that its taken these people this long to realize that moderation is important. Laporte “There is an old way of thinking that you have to somehow keep up, that is really getting in your way. You can’t. Give Up. Release. Let go. However, if you bathe in the stream of information you get plenty. [] The key is not worrying about missing something.”I’ve been saying this for a while. The information is power, but only in moderation. Or else like so many others, you’ll get burned out.

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  • Bill Deys

    You thought that was the best episode in a while? I thought it was one of the worst. That comment by Leo was a great one, and I agree 100% although I fight my twitter/blog/web addiction all the time. Other then that the show was a bomb, thank God Molly Wood was on or there wouldn’t have been a show. That Mark fellow from Make is likely a smart guy but he never got a word in edgewise and Steve Gillmor, in my opinion, is a fool. Half what he says is nonsense and the rest is babble. I can’t believe he even opens his mouth to say anything he does. I’ve only just recently, in the last three or four months started listening to the TWIT shows and I’m already getting sick of Leo, Merlin should take over MBW and Calacanis should host Twit!