Disconnect Anxiety – Reasons and Prevention

Solution Research Group recently released a report entitled “Age Of Disconnect Anxiety
And Four Reasons Why It’s Difficult to Stay Off the Grid
“. The National Post had an article on it on Sunday and the CBC show, Here and Now, covered it yesterday afternoon.

Disconnect Anxiety “refers to various feelings of disorientation and nervousness experienced when a person is deprived of Internet or wireless access for a period of time.” This report found that 59% of internet users experience this type of anxiety when away from internet and mobile devices, they are disconnected. This was 26% who feel elevated and 33% who feel occasional anxiety.

I’d recommend that everyone read the summary. Its an interesting evaluation of why people feel that way they do when they are away from their computers. I want to share my ideas about why people feel this way, and how to avoid anxiety.

People feel anxious because they feel separated from all their friends, they are worried that they are going to miss something important, like a promotion, or they will be unable to respond to an emergency. Is this a natural reaction? I don’t think so, its the 21st century version of keeping up with the Jones. If we perceive that someone else is more tuned in then us, then we will go the next step. The logical conclusion is disconnect anxiety. I do not think it needs to be this way though. Step back and really look at why you use the internet, if you do I think it will be easier to be away from it.

People who rely on social media, IMs and email for all their interaction as opposed to using it to complement their other communication will suffer from disconnect anxiety. The solution to disconnect anxiety is to make sure you are not relying on the internet for all communication.

I love the internet, don’t get me wrong, but I make sure that I take a break from it. I go out and I meet with friends who aren’t as “plugged in” as I am. That way our conversations are about other topics. All this means when I’m back online I enjoy it more and I don’t get burned out by it.

Disconnect Anxiety is real, but so is Burn Out. Everything in moderation.

London Public Library Free Wifi

I’m sitting in the London Public Library right now and I’ve discovered that they have free wireless internet access. Its not bad access either, and from their website, they claim that it covers the entire building.

Wireless Speed

The only disadvantage is that its “filtered” But since I’m not the kind of person that wants to look at questionable material in a library that does not bother me. I’m sure personal privacy people don’t approve.

Camera Phone Photo Walk

This afternoon, after lunch at Coffee Culture, I decided to take a bit of a walk through downtown London. It was such a beautiful day I couldn’t pass it up. I’d also forgotten my swimming gear so I had to get some form of exercise today. As I walked along some of the side streets off Richmond Street, I noticed many interesting building. The lighting at the time was very nice and I thought it would be a good chance for an experiment: a camera phone photo walk.

I have the most rudimentary cell phone, a Samsung p207, that takes horrible pictures and even worse phone calls. I thought it would be an interesting challenge though. Some of the pictures  are after the break.

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Monday’s Lunch

Today I went down to Coffee Culture on Richmond St. for lunch. I love it there because of their free wifi and good coffee. Its a hit and miss place for room to sit though. The restaurant / cafe is small so its sometimes impossible to find a spot to sit. I lucked out today with a small table in the back room.

I felt like having a salad so I got the only one available on the menu. A basic tossed salad with your choice of ranch or balsamic vinegar, which I went with.  It came within 5 minutes, which is a decent wait for something that is made fresh to order. However like most vegetables in Canada over the winter, the tomatoes have little taste and are slightly hard.



I would have liked to seen more “premium” salads on the menu, like chicken cesaer or a thai salad. Coffee Culture seems to emphasize their grilled sandwhichs, that I have yet to try.

Winter Storm

Southwestern Ontario is currently under another winter storm. I don’t know why I put another in italics, I actually enjoy snow, winter and storms.

Its been quite the winter this year, with London approaching near record snow fall levels. The temperatures have also been colder. I’ve also heard mention of a winter version of El Nino that contributes to colder winters with more precipitation.

But this should really be no surprise to us Canadians. Its snowing, and its March? How shocking! Why is everyone complaining and wishing it was spring? If you don’t like the winter you live in the wrong country.

Or you live in the right country, where we like to just complain about the weather all the time.

More iPhone in Canada Rumours

I do not want to be a naysayer and constantly pessimistic about the iPhone in Canada, but I want to make sure that everyone realises exactly what is going on and why we don’t have the phone in Canada yet, nor are we likely to get it anytime soon.

Recently I read a post over at Chris Thomson’s blog, entitled March 14th Could Be iDay for Canada. Woohoo! While almost a week old, he recently renewed his claims with a post on More Clues Pointing Towards The iPhone Coming To Canada Really Soon so all this discussion is still relevant.

I’ve posted these comments on his site, but what follows is a more in depth look.

First, Roger’s data plan announcements have nothing to do with the iPhone. If you closely at the fine print you can see that its doesn’t allow for third party browser web browsing. Exactly what is needed for the iPhone. I see you got conned by Endgadget’s reporting on this issue too.Secondly, any redirects may just be a site architectural cleanup. For instance a while back I found a really old iPod site on the South American Apple site. I think Apple is just a little sloppy with their site maintenance and finally decided to update this.

This is also related to the “HTML COMMENT IN GLOBAL NAVIGATION” this is still just sloppy coding. the Canadian store site is probably stolen from the American and just a few changes made. They forgot to eliminate this one though. Also if it was supposed to indicate something why wouldn’t it refer to /ca/iphone instead of /iphone. It is more then just odd Chris, is shows this was unintentional.

Finally, I don’t see anything in your post other then March 14 is a Friday to suggest that this will be the date. Whats wrong with March 7th, or 21st or 28th? Or even March 14th 2012…

Might as well just keep hacking iPhones. At least it keeps some money out of Roger’s pocket.

Finding an End To The Aging Problem

Scott Wainer over at wrevenue.com recently wrote a post about extending our life expectancy.

Modern medicine has solved so many of our illnesses and diseases, it seems that the last one to conquer is “early” death.

How exactly would this be accomplished? I’m not talking about anti-oxidants and oitments that just make you look younger. But actually improvements that would make you live much longer. Say to 200 or so.

I support this idea, but only because I don’t think it can be done. But as a science student myself, I know there is going to be a demand for jobs over the next few years with kids graduating with medical science degrees, and I see this as a way to put them to work

As well, why would you really want to live to 200? Unless the whole process is slowed down and the last 100 years aren’t spent in an old age home.

Apple Does Not Release a 3G iPhone; Instead an SDK

So I was completely wrong yesterday. There was no 3G phone. Instead there was a full SDK announement.

That is as far as my apology is going to go.

I’ll be back on Monday with more ridiculous claims an unprovable statements. ’til then!

Apple to Release a 3G iPhone

iPhoneWell the announcement that everyone wanted at Macworld is finally coming. Sources have confirmed, as much as a source can, that tomorrows Apple announcement will be a new iPhone.

In November of last year, AT&T CEO made comments that next year (2008) there will be a 3G phone available. More recently, a requirement appeared on the AT&T site that you have either a GSM or 3G iPhone to continue with activation.

This announcement is seen as appeasement for people who were expecting an SDK, which has been delayed even further. According to many, Apple also needs to release a 3G phone in order to hit their 10 million unit goals.

Weekly Web 2.0 : Remember The Milk

RTMIts time for my weekly review of a web 2.0 service. Today we’re looking at Remember the Milk; an online to do list.

I discovered this service originally through Jott. (Which I’ve written about here). In a nutshell what Remember the Milk (RTM) does is allow you to maintain an online task list of what you need to accomplish over any time period, from today to infinity. You can also set priorities so you know what needs to be done first.

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