An Oddly Shaped Map

I was checking out my statistics using Google Analytics and I came across this map of the United States. Apart from my abysmal readership south of the border, what else do you think is wrong with it?


For some odd reason the Great Lakes region states (Michigan. Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio) are completely out of perspective. I’m not sure if this is so the map of Canada and the map of the United States will fit together without a gap for the Great Lakes. Or if the engineers working on Google Maps don’t talk to the engineers working on Google Analytics. Either way, it kinda threw me off when I first saw it.

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  • David

    The problem isn’t the map, it’s that you aren’t appealing to appeal to the values folks from the Midwest. You need to appeal to their Heartland values and to get to know them. Blog about some soup recipes, about soccer practice, about how scary life is compared to how it was back in the 50s. Alternate scare tactics (Terror! War! Immigrants!) with feel good, a hug-from-mom-posts (lost puppies found, person with a heart of gold, kittens). Sort of like Glenn Beck, but with a brain. And a soul.