Easter Weekend

Its the Monday after a long weekend and I think its time for a more personal post, discussing how my weekend went.

It was nice to take a break from blogging, feeds and twitter over the weekend. I think that almost everyone needs to just unplug every once and a while. Connecting with friends and family outside of the interweb is refreshing and helps maintain a balance.

Friday morning was brich at my Aunt’s. It was a much more low-key affair compared to Boxing Day. Good food though, there is always a lot fo brie cheese, which is fine by me!

Friday night, my girlfriend and I were at her sister’s fiance apartment for dinner. There was a bit of panic once we remembered that all the grocery stores were closed. Thankfully we were able to scrounge up enough ingredients. We played a game of settlers and watched a movie. I’d reommend that anyone who hasn’t seen it yet go rent Renditio

Saturday was spent studying during the day. In the evening we had an amazing fondue dinner with a group of friends. Its always fun to spent time preparing and then eating food.

Sunday was Easter lunch at my girlfriends with her extended family. The traditional and always good turkey and ham.

So now its Monday and I’m just starting to catch up on the internet world. I enjoyed taking a break but I’m looking forward to find out whats been going on.

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