Things I’d Like To See on Twitter

There are a few changes that I would love to see Twitter implement. Keeping in mind their simple design philosophy and ease of use.

  1. Better Searching – something like advanced searching options. Both for users and for past tweets.
  2. Followers/Following Organization – I’d like to see who I’m following that is not following me.
  3. Groups -I’d love to organize who I follow into groups and turn on or off SMS for packs of people.

These are the top 3 things that I think if Twitter implemented they would destroy any competitors.

They also have to capitalize on the number of internet users who love to update their Facebook status but who aren’t on Twitter.

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  • vimoh

    Well… they bought summize, so search should be coming soon. They do need a better contact management system. This one redefines difficult.

    As for groups, maybe they can be more like labels. For the twitterer’s own use. To classify contacts into categories to better manage them.