iPhone is Released in Canada

Yep, its true! There is a device available to Canadian’s called the iPhone. But its not made by Apple.

I’ve already written several times about the price of data plans in Canada. While this is truly a big stumbling block for the release of the iPhone here there is an even bigger one. Copyright.

The Canadian Version of an iPhoneA Voice Over IP (VOIP) company, Comwave, owns the Canadian rights to the name iPhone. The term iPhone is used for a service that they say “is quite liberating and frees you from the Phone Company”. If you check out their site you can see all the services related to the ‘iPhone’.

They have just released the iPhone mobile edition too. It looks like they have no plans to settleĀ  with Apple on the use of the name.

Their site is absolutely atrocious. It is full of spelling mistakes and bad grammar. I don’t understand how any company is willing to allow themselves to look this bad on the the internet. I’m glad that they don’t seem to have a large subscriber base. That means that average Canadians will not be associating a high quality product with a crappy VOIP service.

So Canadians have an iPhone. It looks like a peace of junk and offered by a brutal company. But now at least we have a physical object and another company besides cell phone companies to direct our anger at.

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  • Dan

    Ah crap, their all sold out! I wanted an iPhone.

    Seriously though, I think its great that it throws a wrench into Apple’s iPlans. Might help shatter the holy grail image their disgustingly overpriced (given its restrictions) product has.