New Data Plans from Rogers

As a commenter on a previous post has pointed out, new data plans from Rogers have been leaked out. The prices I’ve seen have been as follows:

$15 – 20MB ~ Tier 1
$30 – 20MB to 60MB ~ Tier 2
$50 – 60MB to 500MB ~ Tier 3
$65 – 500MB to 1GB ~ Tier 4
$75 – 1GB to 2GB ~ Tier 5
$85 – 2GB to 3GB ~ Tier 6
$100 – 3GB to 5GB ~ Tier 7
$0.03 per additional MB
*Note: Everyone starts off at the $15 plan and based on usage, you move up the tiers

The price is per month and you move up the tiers the more internet you use. I see a huge problem in these that causes me to doubt the authenticity of them. Look at the price per additional MB compared to the pricing structure of the tiers. If you are in tier 1 but one month use 50 mb of data you should pay $20 + 30($0.03)  = $20.90. But if Rogers wants to automatically bump you up to the next teir you will be forced to pay $30 per month.

Also, why have a overage price if you’re just going to bump everyone up the next tier if they go over? Finally look at the price per mb of each tier

 $0.75 / MB ~ Tier 1
$0.50 / MB ~ Tier 2
$0.10 / MB ~ Tier 3
$0.065 / MB ~ Tier 4
$0.0375 / MB  ~ Tier 5
$0.028 / MB  ~ Tier 6
$0.02 / MB  ~ Tier 7

The only time an overage charge makes sense for Rogers is for customers in tiers 6 and 7.

I’ve looked around and I can’t find any indication that this was a typo and it is supposed to be $0.30 per extra MB or even $3.00. Site like and Electronista and even engadget mobile all have the same information. With math that just doesn’t add up.

It looks very suspicious to me.

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