Wednesday’s Lunch

So it’s turned into a bit of a trend that I post a camera phone picture of what I had for lunch. Today was a bit unusual since I had to run to the bank unplanned. I lost my bank card and wanted to get another one. Everything worked out fine and I now have a shinny new card. So lunch was eaten in the car on the way there.

Wednesday Lunch

Asian cabbage salad from last nights dinner. I also had a peanut butter and honey sandwich and a banana. I was too focussed on driving to take a picture of those though.

As an aside, the Masonville Public Library also has wireless internet. I wonder if this is a plan to roll it out in all the branches?

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  • fowgre

    Somehow, “focused on driving” and “lunch was eaten in the car on the way” seem to be contradictory. Thanks for mentioning the Masonville LPL WiFi. If you get the chance, can you tell me whether it’s only available while the branch is open?