Monday’s Lunch

Today I went down to Coffee Culture on Richmond St. for lunch. I love it there because of their free wifi and good coffee. Its a hit and miss place for room to sit though. The restaurant / cafe is small so its sometimes impossible to find a spot to sit. I lucked out today with a small table in the back room.

I felt like having a salad so I got the only one available on the menu. A basic tossed salad with your choice of ranch or balsamic vinegar, which I went with.  It came within 5 minutes, which is a decent wait for something that is made fresh to order. However like most vegetables in Canada over the winter, the tomatoes have little taste and are slightly hard.



I would have liked to seen more “premium” salads on the menu, like chicken cesaer or a thai salad. Coffee Culture seems to emphasize their grilled sandwhichs, that I have yet to try.

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