More iPhone in Canada Rumours

I do not want to be a naysayer and constantly pessimistic about the iPhone in Canada, but I want to make sure that everyone realises exactly what is going on and why we don’t have the phone in Canada yet, nor are we likely to get it anytime soon.

Recently I read a post over at Chris Thomson’s blog, entitled March 14th Could Be iDay for Canada. Woohoo! While almost a week old, he recently renewed his claims with a post on More Clues Pointing Towards The iPhone Coming To Canada Really Soon so all this discussion is still relevant.

I’ve posted these comments on his site, but what follows is a more in depth look.

First, Roger’s data plan announcements have nothing to do with the iPhone. If you closely at the fine print you can see that its doesn’t allow for third party browser web browsing. Exactly what is needed for the iPhone. I see you got conned by Endgadget’s reporting on this issue too.Secondly, any redirects may just be a site architectural cleanup. For instance a while back I found a really old iPod site on the South American Apple site. I think Apple is just a little sloppy with their site maintenance and finally decided to update this.

This is also related to the “HTML COMMENT IN GLOBAL NAVIGATION” this is still just sloppy coding. the Canadian store site is probably stolen from the American and just a few changes made. They forgot to eliminate this one though. Also if it was supposed to indicate something why wouldn’t it refer to /ca/iphone instead of /iphone. It is more then just odd Chris, is shows this was unintentional.

Finally, I don’t see anything in your post other then March 14 is a Friday to suggest that this will be the date. Whats wrong with March 7th, or 21st or 28th? Or even March 14th 2012…

Might as well just keep hacking iPhones. At least it keeps some money out of Roger’s pocket.

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  • Marcus Moore

    I agree. And it’s obvious that Chris (though well intentioned) was a bit too optimistic, as we can see now in retrospect. However, new smartphone data rates are on the horizon for Rogers later this month. They were leaked by the same individual who leaked the “unlimited” plan rates in January. Though still not a breakthrough for common sense data rates in Canada, they are more in line with the type of rates offered by 02 in Ireland.

    Non-Rogers & WM Data & Tethering – 3 yr term with DECF
    $15 – 20MB ~ Tier 1
    $30 – 20MB to 60MB ~ Tier 2
    $50 – 60MB to 500MB ~ Tier 3
    $65 – 500MB to 1GB ~ Tier 4
    $75 – 1GB to 2GB ~ Tier 5
    $85 – 2GB to 3GB ~ Tier 6
    $100 – 3GB to 5GB ~ Tier 7
    $0.03 per additional MB
    *Note: Everyone starts off at the $15 plan and based on usage, you move up the tiers

    As I mentioned on Chris’ site. If we don’t see a launch this month, I think we’re going to be on hold until the iPhone 2.0 launch in late June- when Apple “may” take the opportunity to announce the rollout of the iPhone to new markets.

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