Finding an End To The Aging Problem

Scott Wainer over at recently wrote a post about extending our life expectancy.

Modern medicine has solved so many of our illnesses and diseases, it seems that the last one to conquer is “early” death.

How exactly would this be accomplished? I’m not talking about anti-oxidants and oitments that just make you look younger. But actually improvements that would make you live much longer. Say to 200 or so.

I support this idea, but only because I don’t think it can be done. But as a science student myself, I know there is going to be a demand for jobs over the next few years with kids graduating with medical science degrees, and I see this as a way to put them to work

As well, why would you really want to live to 200? Unless the whole process is slowed down and the last 100 years aren’t spent in an old age home.

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