At the University of Western Ontario there is one building that is right on the other side of a road cutting through campus. So obviously everyone needs to cross the road to get to class. So around the time of class changes the whole vicinity is packed. There is a crosswalk and a flashing sign set up as well.

But every single time a stretch of about 20 meters on either side of the crosswalk is filled with people crossing. No one walks the extra 15 feets from the door of the building to the crosswalk, they just step out into traffic. So instead of an orderly crosswalk like this:

Good Crosswalk

We get a mess like this:

Bad Crosswalk

One of these days someone is going to end up getting hit.

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  • Canucklehead

    Clearly these photos are to be regarded as examples … however, I cannot help but wonder what building exactly you are talking about. I suppose it could be any of them as the whole place can be a zoo at many points in the day.

  • admin

    Very true. None of the students on campus seem to know how to cross the street. The building that I find the worse is the crosswalk between the Visual Arts Building and the North Campus Building.

    And yes, these are example photos, I didn’t have my camera with me yesterday to take some pictures.