Apple Announcement: What Happened To It?

ShuffleSo last week and early this week the internet was abuzz with rumours that apple was going to make an announcement at a special event being held on February 20th. Well its February 21st now and it doesn’t look like there was any big announcement.

I mean other then the price drop of the iPod shuffle and the introduction of a 2 GB model.

I wonder if this was all Apple was ever planning on doing yesterday? Apple’s stock has been up the last few days so the analysts are happy with this announcement. I was hoping for something a little bigger myself.

I must admit though, at only $49 for a 1 GB shuffle it is definitely an impulse buy. If I wasn’t so short on cash right now I would probably pick one up myself.

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  • M.J.

    I like the layout of the new web, no place to post comments though. I picked you up on twitter. Loved the info about twitxr. I’ll check back soon.

  • admin

    What do you mean about no place to post comments? You seem to have found the comment box easily! :)

    Unless you mean comments on the whole site….